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“The mainstream media — in print and online — did little to report on health risks to the general population or to challenge the narratives of public officials and their experts,”

News coverage of Fukushima disaster minimized health risks to general population

“It’s shocking to see how few articles discussed risk to the general population, and when they did, they typically characterized risk as low,” said Pascale, who studies the social construction of risk and meanings of risk in the 21st century. “We see articles in prestigious news outlets claiming that radioactivity from cosmic rays and rocks is more dangerous than the radiation emanating from the collapsing Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.”

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Guardian, Lying About Ukraine…Again!


Murdoch, Scaife and CIA Propaganda

Selling fascist, mass-murdering dictators in Central America:

Raymond told Clark that the new project would involve a more comprehensive approach aimed at persuading a majority of Americans to back Reagan’s Central American policies, which included support for right-wing regimes in Guatemala and El Salvador as well as the Contra rebels fighting the leftist Sandinista government of Nicaragua.

“We must move out into the middle sector of the American public and draw them into the ‘support’ column,” Raymond wrote. “A second package of proposals deal with means to market the issue, largely considering steps utilizing public relations specialists – or similar professionals – to help transmit the message.”




My daughter forces us to listen to this.  Radio is not dead.  It’s just really, really, really fucking weird.



“Pandora’s False Promises

Pandora’s Promise, is a new pro-nuclear propaganda documentary released theatrically in the US in July 2013. It is funded in part by individuals with a vested interest in seeing the development of new reactors and is seemingly a vehicle by which to raise the profile of the anti-environmental Oakland think tank, The Breakthrough Institute, whose personnel feature prominently in the film. Despite the film’s premise and early claim that it features “a growing number of leading former anti-nuclear activists” who now support nuclear energy, no one in the film ever led the anti-nuclear movement. Nor was any credible, independent scientific or medical professional with expertise in the areas covered in the film consulted or featured. Beyond Nuclear has bird-dogged the film from the beginning, and has produced numerous critiques. We have also published a definitive report – Pandora’s False Promises: Busting the pro-nuclear propaganda – and a two-page synopsis. These documents address virtually all of the myths, lies and omissions typically found in pro-nuclear rhetoric and are intended to address these long after Pandora’s Promise fades into deserved oblivion.”

  • Nuclear power, no matter the reactor design, cannot address climate change intime. In order to displace a significant amount of carbon-emitting fossil fuel generation, another 1,000 to 1,500 new 1,000+ Megawatt reactors would need to come on line worldwide by 2050, a completely prohibitive proposition.
  • So-called “Generation IV” reactor designs, including “fast” or “small modular reactors,” are the last gasp of a failing industry. Earlier versions of the fast breeder reactor were commercial failures and safety disasters. The ever soaring costs make nuclear power a financial quagmire for investors, and expensive new prototypes commercially unattractive.
  • Proponents of the Integral Fast Reactor, overlook the exorbitant costs; proliferation risks; that it theoretically “transmutes,” rather than eliminates, radioactive waste; that it is decades away from deployment; and that its use of sodium as a coolant can lead to fires and explosions.
  • The continued daily use of nuclear power means continued risk of radiation exposure to surrounding populations, especially children who are vulnerable to leukemia when living close to reactors. Ionizing radiation released by nuclear power plants, either routinely or in large amounts, causes cellular damage and mutations in DNA, which in turn can lead to cancers and other  illnesses.
  • Low-ball health predictions after nuclear accidents are not reliable. The 2005 IAEA/WHO Chernobyl health report has been discredited for suppressing key data to justify low death predictions that do not stand up to scientific scrutiny. Furthermore, the IAEA has a mandate to promote nuclear technology. Given the long latency period of cancers caused by radiation exposure, it is too soon to accurately predict the ultimate health impacts from the Fukushima nuclear disaster, although some health effects are already being observed.
  • The example of Germany — and numerous studies — demonstrates that both coal and nuclear can be phased out in favor of renewable energy. Jobs are more plentiful and enduring in the renewable sector. In Germany, renewable energy already employs 380,000 people compared to 30,000 in the nuclear sector.
  • The argument that only nuclear provides “carbon-free,” base load energy is out of date. Geothermal and offshore wind energy are capable of delivering reliable base load power with a smaller carbon footprint than nuclear energy. Energy efficiency is also an essential component in displacing nuclear and coal.

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I shudder.  Looks like the story sets up Assange to be demonized by the end, as is official US policy and Big Lies.  Some possibilities though, as they want to take in the money of people on Wikileaks’ side.  The actor playing Assange, however, can’t pull off the accent, and it’s rather sad.

It seems that Assange is portrayed as a deluded one-note fanatic, incapable of seeing the wisdom of the corporate security state and the all-knowing power of the rich white guys who know better.  I get the impression that this actor Benedict Cumberbatch doesn’t get Assange in the slightest, and is just another meat puppet in this corporate/political kabuki theater.  Cumberbatch pissed me off once before in his British show Sherlock, by gleefully endorsing the death penalty time and again. This pro-death, essentially right wing propaganda passes as comedy in a nation that has outlawed executions for many decades.

The Fifth Estate trailer is full of lofty poetry, and the staging seems weak, the images non-cinematic when Assange and crew are involved, rather deliberately unflattering.


Assange responds to the Ffrth Estate Script (11:10)

“A Mass Propaganda Attack.”


[The Fifth Estate] is not just an attack against us.  It is an attack on Iran.  It fans the flames to start a war with Iran.”

Watch the video for the spoilers, and the “corrupt media, corrupt culture.”


Mis/Disinformation in the Vacuum

By Joe Giambrone

A corporate media vacuum concerning the issue of bomb squad “training exercises” reported by a very credible witness, led to rampant misquoting and speculation across the blathersphere.

Since Monday, we have seen conspiracy theories take off, fostered primarily by extremists on the far right.  Very sloppy misquoting of actual reports has been repeated and embellished on.

The initial news report comes from Alastair (“Ali”) Stevenson, a Boston Marathon runner and eyewitness.  Broadcast in his hometown of Mobile, Alabama, on Channel 15, this news report names Stevenson as “University of Mobile’s Cross Country Coach.”  The report states that he is a veteran marathon runner with participation in major marathons around the world.  This news report has become the jumping off point for numerous similar reports on blogs, websites, Facebook, Twitter, you name it.  Only they misquote what he actually said, while sometimes even placing newly-fabricated claims in quotation marks.  This goes beyond sloppy journalism and into the realm of outright lying about what the news story reports.

Stevenson said:

“My wife Melanie, she had been sitting right where the explosions went off.  She had come to see me at the finish, and then we were walking back down toward the finish area, and all of a sudden we heard a loud explosion, and then this sulfur smell came through and then another explosion went off, and then people just started running and there was people crying in the street.  It was a horrible experience.

…At the start line this morning they had um bomb spotters on the roofs of the buildings and they had bomb sniffing dogs coming up and down at the start line and Melanie said there were bomb sniffing dogs at the finish line.

…They kept making announcements saying to the participants ‘do not worry, this is just a training exercise.’  Evidently I don’t believe this was just a training exercise.  I think they must have known.  They must have had some kind of threat or suspicions called in.

…I’ve run in some of the biggest marathons in the world.  I’ve run in London, in the Washington DC one, Chicago and I’ve never seen anything like that before a marathon.

We are just so thankful right now.”

That is the entirety of the TV15 report from Ali Stevenson.  Another interview with Stevenson by Anthony Gucciardi confirms his initial statements that the bomb squad training exercises were announced and occurring at the start of the 2013 Boston Marathon race.

What happened next needs to be examined carefully.  But I must also point out the complete absence of any reporting on these “training exercise” announcements from any national corporate media source.  All day Tuesday I monitored Google News search for more about these training exercises which this participant eyewitness says were announced by authorities during the race.  Wikipedia claims 500,000 spectators watched the race, and so where is the confirmation and follow-up by the media concerning these police announcements?  Why the silence?

The significance of alleged “training exercises” is yet to be determined, a strange unknown oddity, but the corporate press for some inexplicable reason is not interested in talking about this issue.  It cannot be for lack of relevance.  If bomb sniffing dogs were patrolling the beginning of the race, there should be many questions asked of the officials in charge.  More than 24 hours has passed since the bombings, and as yet not one network or major newspaper will even acknowledge the heightened security presence or the bomb squads reported by Stevenson.  This is problematic, as these announcements would be widely known to those in attendance.

Further muddying our reality today, I have come across post after article that misquotes Ali Stevenson.

A writer named Mike Adams posted this interpretation at

“As an eyewitness reports, once the bombs went off, officials began announcing, ‘this is just a drill!’”

The paragraph after cites Mobile Alabama’s Cross Country coach as the source.  This glaring contortion of the eyewitness report contains two major alterations. First: the timing is now changed to “Once the bombs went off,” which is nowhere suggested by Ali Stevenson.  The second is the meaning of the word “this” in “this is just a drill!”  In Stevenson’s account “this” refers to the enhanced security presence, however in Mike Adams’ creative take “this” now refers to the explosions.  Quite a distortion.  Unfortunately this GlobalResearch piece has been used as a source by those repeating this misinformation without checking the original source.  Like a game of “Telephone” each passing of the data becomes more elaborate and creative.

Mike Adams returns at Alex Jones’ stie with another version of this distorted claim:

“The real breaking news is found in the alternative media, where Anthony Gucciardi of just nailed an on-the-record interview with Alastair Stevenson, the University of Alabama cross country track coach who heard law enforcement telling the crowd, ‘It’s just a drill’ immediately after the explosions.”

No, Stevenson didn’t.  That is strike two for Mr. Adams.  Nowhere does Stevenson say, “immediately after the explosions.”

Now, the main problem with this poor journalism is that not only do they rely on and twist the statements of this single witness.  They fail to talk to any other of the many thousands of marathon witnesses who could easily confirm the drill announcements, with minimal legwork involved.

Adams again for the Trifecta:

“Boston Marathon Bombing happened on Same Day as “Controlled Explosion” Drill by Boston Bomb Squad”

A controlled explosion drill?  While a controlled explosion was reported (Boston Globe Twitter Feed), one hour after the initial bombings, in order to detonate another device found at the JFK Library, in what way is that a “drill?”  This is a live response to multiple bombings, and cannot be considered a “drill.”  This is clearly conflating the concept of the exercise with that of the later actions post-bombings.  Why conflate concepts, when it is far simpler to state plainly the evidence?  Result is that “controlled explosion drill” is Tweeted and posted all over the web as if this was a real thing.  One day after the event and 43,000 results turn up on Google.

So how does posting clear misinformation help us get to the bottom of what happened in Boston?

Rampant speculation has filled the information vacuum as corporate media have failed in a uniform, monolithic fashion to investigate the presence of the bomb squad prior to the bombings.  When exactly was this announced “exercise” planned?  Who was involved behind the scenes?  What agencies participated and had detailed specific knowledge of the security posture and procedures?  How could backpack bombs detonate a full four hours after the start of the race with all that enhanced security?  Why hasn’t information been forthcoming on the security and drills?

Perhaps this is all one big very strange coincidence, but that doesn’t prove that it was.  To assume the exercises mean nothing and were of no relevance to the successful bombings is as speculative as claiming that Dick Cheney did it.  The failure to pursue the story, bordering on a cover-up, is suspicious.

Training exercises have coincided with other highly suspicious bombings in the past, including Oklahoma City (BATF), the London 7/7 bombings, and of course the big one, 9/11.  Several different military exercises were reported in various news sources concerning the morning of the 9/11 attacks, and this has never been fully accounted for by the government. The 9/11 military exercises were code named Vigilant Guardian, Vigilant Warrior, Northern Vigilance, Northern Guardian, Tripod II and a CIA / National Reconnaissance Office “plane into building” exercise.

With all that vigilance and guarding they still managed to let a hijacked plane slip through and impact the military headquarters of the world’s empire, even with over an hour’s warning that actual live hijackings were taking place.

Al Jazeera explores the latest insidious Pentagon recruiting film, the Navy Seal produced Act of Valor.  Isn’t propagandizing the US public illegal?


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