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It’s pretty easy.



Our web series continues its international rampage. Check it out for free in the US. Plus Amazon Prime members in UK, Germany and Japan have it.

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My own little universe!

US viewers can watch here. Amazon Prime members in UK, Germany & Japan also watch for free.

More episodes to come, and so you can keep in touch with the show:

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Fuck the corporate psychopaths.

It Costs $30 to Make a DIY EpiPen, and Here’s the Proof


The recent furor over the drug company Mylan jacking up the price of lifesaving EpiPens has brought out the biohackers. A team of DIY enthusiasts calling themselves Four Thieves Vinegar have published plans that will allow anyone to build a device to self-inject epinephrine on the cheap.


This is yet another symptom of Obama’s assault on SINGLE PAYER HEALTHCARE to end the corporate stranglehold on life-saving medicine. The system continues to exploit sick people.




EarthShips Are F!#%ing Awesome



DIY Filmmaking Tips

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For the budget challenged…


Get your movie seen, perhaps…

Attention Filmmakers: Who Needs a Distributor? Check Out These DIY Digital Distribution Platforms.




AnimationNot a ‘Vine,’ but an animated .gif (similar)


VINE is a site with 6 second repeating video clips.  About 99.8% of them are terrible.  If you want to become part of the 0.2% then read on.  It’s not a detailed tutorial, however.  You’ll still need to experiment and learn photography.

Example (won’t embed here).

Youtube Space

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It’s free — but you have to have 10k subscribers to play there.



…why I want the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, and I’m not interested in other systems at all.