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A stage play that came out of the US injustice system, people railroaded by prosecutors who wield outrageous power over defendants. Play has been running for a decade:


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Watching “The Hurt Locker” Hurts
by Jasmin Ramsey, P U L S E

The Hurt Locker (2009),
Cultural Politics and Uncritical Critics

The Hurt Locker

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The Hurt Locker (2009), Cultural Politics and Uncritical Critics

Watching “The Hurt Locker” Hurts
by Jasmin Ramsey, P U L S E

“The Hurt Locker” was a Box Office favorite and may become an Academy Award contender.

…That a film that does not include a single Iraqi perspective is being hailed as an accurate portrayal of the situation in Iraq is either indicative of the blatant bias and possibly hidden intentions of the film’s creators and reviewers, or representative of the flawed view that continues to resonate within people’s minds about the war in Iraq.

As the year winds down and Hollywood gets busy creating Oscar buzz, one unlikely contender is “The Hurt Locker,” the widely praised Iraq movie that premiered at the Venice Film Festival last year and was released in the U.S. in June 2009.

Just when I thought I’d seen enough of Iraq war movies, along comes (Hurt Locker),” an Access Hollywood film critic told USA Today in September. “If any movie about Iraq is going to break through to the academy, this is it.


DVD: wmd.

Free Online at HULU (temporarily)

WMD is a frustrating film, not a little bit because of its subject matter. This is the story of some big lies which transcend borders, the globalisation of big lying. This is about forged uranium documents, fake intelligence sources and knowing war crimes as the U.S, Britain and others sent their armies to “disarm” a country they knew wasn’t “armed” with WMDs in the first place.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

DVD: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Blu-ray: Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas (Director’s Cut)

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson’s 1971 drug frenzied diary is brought to the screen care of Terry Gilliam, with Johnny Depp in the role of Thompson.

Thompson’s twisted prose and Depp’s narration are what make this descent into madness so completely hilarious. Thompson was a force of nature, his own rogue state provoking and challenging everyone everywhere he went. In the words of Tom Wolfe, each encounter with Thompson was “an event.”

Recount 2008
DVD: Recount

The 2000 election fiasco, and the theft of same, are dramatized in this HBO film starring Kevin Spacey and Laura Dern.

Recount does a few things right. It sticks to the historical record pretty tightly. It also includes some revelations that perhaps weren’t known at that moment, but were later revealed to be pivotal.