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Pennsylvania Pipelines Bursts, Leaks 55,000 Gallons Of Gas Into One Of US’ Most Endangered Rivers

Fuck your pipeline.

A pipeline owned by the same company behind Dakota Access leaked 55,000 gallons of gasoline into a major river, endangering the drinking water of six million people.

Interesting: ISIS just did the same thing to Damascus. US oil companies are using terrorist tactics against the US population, and the government cheers them on.

When the goons on TV shriek about “security” what the hell are they talking about? Their own campaign donors are poisoning US water supplies!





Fracking assholes want to dump toxic waste into California aquifers.

Oil Companies Seek to Exempt California’s Underground Aquifers from Clean Water Act


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Link Between Fracking and Toxic Water

“This is a wake-up call,” said Dominic DiGiulio, lead author of the Stanford University study, published in Environmental Science and Technology. “It’s perfectly legal to inject stimulation fluids into underground drinking water resources. This may be causing widespread impacts on drinking water resources.”


I have several “F” words lined up. Beyond fracking, it’s fascism that sticks out the most.


This is what modern fascism looks like:

Fracking Victim Sued for Defamation After Proving Drinking Water Flammable

The corporations poisoning and contaminating drinking water are suing their victims for talking about it. They should be in prison cells. This is the corporate-state power Mussolini championed.


Instead, the state allowed companies to drill more than 170 waste-disposal wells into aquifers suitable for drinking or irrigation, according to data reviewed by The Chronicle. Hundreds more inject a blend of briny water, hydrocarbons and trace chemicals into lower-quality aquifers that could be used with more intense treatment.

State let oil companies taint drinkable water in Central Valley

Why don’t these people ever go to jail?



… I forgot to mention: ON PURPOSE.  This is the toxic waste they dump in the nation’s drinking water on the bogus claim that it contains “fluoride” so it must help teeth somehow.  Does anyone actually believe that drinking fluoride in your water is helping your teeth?  How about brushing them?  There’s a novel approach.

This drinking water fluoride claim has never been proven, and yet this practice continues like a zombie set loose to stumble the earth.

Fluoride Spill at Water Facility Literally Burns Holes in Parking Lot Cement





CDC: Water at Marine base linked to birth defects

The telling part of the article, between the lines of course, is that the government has been dragging its feet since 1985 on this contamination!  Still covering it up and trying to talk it away as a “small sample size.”  Implication there is that unless they kill a hell of a lot of people — children in this case — they can argue it away forever as a “small sampling.”



Amerika the formerly beautiful…

Fracking Victim Sued by Frackers

Note the part about the EPA being called off and backpedaling.  The actual science is being tossed aside to please the fracking industry, and individual homeowners are now openly poisoned and attacked in the courts.  Business as usual.



The mass killing of Americans, and sanctioned by the federal government…


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More evidence published…

Fracking Wastewater: Elevated Salts, Metals, Radioactivity

“It is clear that this practice of releasing wastewater without adequate treatment should be stopped in order to protect freshwater resources in areas of oil and gas development,” Vengosh said.”