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Trial of the century, but do Americans even know about it?


MSNBC Rachel Maddow and Michael Isikoff discuss the leak about the targeted killing of Americans.

Read Glenn Greenwald’s devastating response to this legally specious memo that carries no force of law whatsoever.

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“[N]or shall any person…be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” — Article V, U.S. Bill of Rights

“President Obama has utterly failed the first test of his second term, even before inauguration day,” American Civil Liberties Union Executive Director Anthony Romero said in a statement. “His signature means indefinite detention without charge or trial, as well as the illegal military commissions, will be extended.” Obama signs NDAA


The executive and legislative branches have declared war on the US Constitution.  The passage of “indefinite detention” without charge or trial should lead to immediate impeachment for violating their oaths of office to “defend the Constitution”.  Every clown who voted in violation of the Constitution for detaining American citizens without due process is now a criminal, under the US Constitution itself.  This is the end of America as we know it.

Need I remind anyone that the obligation to defend the Constitution is from all enemies, both foreign and domestic?

“In November, the ACLU and other organizations sent a letter to President Obama urging him to veto the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) if it impedes the closing of Guantánamo Bay prison by extending restrictions on transferring detainees from the facility. The current transfer restrictions are due to expire on March 27, 2013, but the pending NDAA bills in Congress would extend them until September 30, 2013. The letter tells the president that if the restrictions are extended, “the prospects for Guantánamo being closed during your presidency will be severely diminished, if not gone altogether.” You can read the full letter here.On December 31, 2011, President Obama signed the 2012 NDAA, codifying indefinite military detention without charge or trial into law for the first time in American history. The NDAA’s dangerous detention provisions would authorize the president — and all future presidents — to order the military to pick up and indefinitely imprison people captured anywhere in the world, far from any battlefield. The ACLU will fight worldwide detention authority wherever we can, be it in court, in Congress, or internationally.Under the Bush administration, similar claims of worldwide detention authority were used to hold even a U.S. citizen detained on U.S. soil in military custody, and many in Congress now assert that the NDAA should be used in the same way again. The ACLU believes that any military detention of American citizens or others within the United States is unconstitutional and illegal, including under the NDAA. In addition, the breadth of the NDAA’s detention authority violates international law because it is not limited to people captured in the context of an actual armed conflict as required by the laws of war.”

“Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.”
—Martin Luther King, Jr.


Summary Execution Is Not Due Process

President Obama told CNN this fall that he can kill Americans or non-Americans, the difference being that with Americans their killing amounts to their Constitutionally guaranteed due process.

CNN asked Obama how he chooses names for his kill list, but he declined to say. Obama claimed that there are checks on his power, pointing only to checks by his own subordinates, not by courts, not by Congress, and not by the public — which he reassures with vague statements that amount to “trust me.”

Obama claimed that his preference is to capture people rather than to kill them. This does not fit with cases like that of Tariq Khan, a 16-year-old killed by drone strike following his participation in a conference at which he could have easily been captured. It does not fit with the lack of criminal charges against virtually any of the people killed.

Obama claimed that he avoids killing civilians, yet careful research has documented large numbers of civilians killed.

Tell President Obama to live up to his own rhetorical support for the rule of law and due process.



The Murder State is Official

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The executive branch now officially claims the right to murder anyone by putting them on a list.

PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS: The Day America Died