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I also discuss Star Wars as American war propaganda in my short book on allegory and metaphor (free).

NY Times:

‘Star Wars’ and the Fantasy of American Violence

The bloody track of American history, from slavery to genocide to empire, is plain for all to see. But reckoning with the violence itself was the appeal: I thought I could confront our dark side, just like Luke Skywalker, and come away enlightened.


The most frustrating reality of all, American youth who join the military despite knowing they are agents of immoral empire. They do it anyway, like mercenaries, content with swallowing any and all bullshit myths, even those from popular movies.

And that’s why this blog is here.




Project Censored founders Break the Set.



So the family dragged me to Thor: The Dark World, which I immediately sensed was unwatchable.  Crap action movie cliches, the same stuff from the first film, one-liners, pomp and overacting.  To top it off, the speakers were pushed so loud that audio was blatantly distorted.

So I left, to go check out Anchorman 2 instead.

Listening to the story of Thor, in the car ride home, it seems so bad as to be beyond parody.  Evil elves, the powerful malignant malakabop of some sort.  Loki and Thor, Loki bad, Loki good.  Odin good, bad, ugly, blah, blah.  The best part of the entire experience was in getting to the theater late and being spared the commercials and trailers.


Anchorman 2 is the stupidest, most offensively dumb movie I can recall.  Certainly the stupidest big budget movie I’ve ever seen.  There’s no excuse really: they’ve had a decade since the last one to come up with something worthwhile and funny.  This was neither.  So many scenes were painful from the get go.  Then they keep hammering them home like a bad Saturday Night Live marathon of all the worst skits.  The idiots attempt to make a point about dumbed down non-news sold as news to the dumbed down public, for what it’s worth.

I would have stayed home altogether, but it’s been a month and a half since the last decent movie.  How does this business stay afloat pushing such garbage nonstop?