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Shouldn’t Hillary Clinton Be Banned From Twitter Now?

Make no mistake, this was Tweeted about by Trump himself on January 1st, which Twitter may have removed from sight, but it is findable.

Donald really is pulling a Hitler move. If the Capitol building burned and Congress couldn’t perform its duties, he’s got “emergency measures” lined up and ready to go to seize power indefinitely.

Why zero national guard?

How could the police be so unprepared after almost a week to prepare?

What about the video of them letting in the rioters and posing for selfies with the rioters?

More later, when more is known.


Ivana Trump: Donald had a book of Hitler’s speeches for light bedtime reading

Recently Pardoned Flynn Shares Call for Trump to Declare Martial Law and Make Military Oversee New Election

These people are completely psychotic. They are ranting about “ANTIFA” and “Black Lives Matter” as if that had anything to do with anything–this is a fascist scapegoating ploy that’s so obvious it’s ridiculous on its face. They are in some kind of red baiting cult from out of The Purge movies.

The Scamalot Presidency

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The President* Is Running a Direct-Mail Scam from Inside the White House

Trump’s Last Stand

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Giuliani’s central claims of voter fraud Thursday relied on affidavits signed as part of a Republican-brought case in Detroit, but that evidence has already been struck down in court, with a judge ruling against the GOP plaintiffs and calling the affidavits alleging fraud “incorrect and not credible.”

Giuliani’s Wild Press Conference, Debunked: No Trump Campaign Voter Fraud Theories Are Holding Up In Court

Peoples Party

Is this legit, or a way to get your info?

“Check now to see if your voter registration has been cancelled at

FBI Warns of Right-Wing Terror

DISCLAIMER: Racist/Fascist Murder Spree Changes Things

I am now of the opinion that Trump’s open turn to fascism is a game-changer. We are at the brink of civil war. Instigating Nazis and normalizing racist, fascist, murderers has destabilized the entire country. This must stop.

Trump must go, and I may even vote Biden out of sheer desperation. The consequences of Trump winning are too disastrous to bear. He has already helped kill off America’s elderly in nursing homes, tried to end Social Security thus killing and making homeless the elderly and disabled population of America, spread the pandemic far and wide, seized protective masks denying them to responders, sent mercenary Gestapo forces to extra-judicially kidnap US citizens in our cities, attacked the Post Office to openly steal the election, and he now wages a Nazi-styled scapegoat campaign against “Antifa.” We have a Nazi terrorist problem, not an anti-fascist problem. This megalomaniacal thug must be removed asap.

Biden may just go away due to illness and dementia, and that leaves Harris. She has not shown herself to be at quite the big-league level of evil as the others. Yet. This seems the best-case scenario in a sea of shit.

Simpsons Producer Tries To Bully Voters!