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They claim no radiation leak — but this loss of energy may force an end to the war.

Accident at largest nuclear power plant in Europe revealed by Ukraine PM

[Ukraine’s energy minister, Vladimir Demchyshyn] has acknowledged the country needs to start buying energy from Russia.

I know negotiations are under way on the import of energy,” he said. “I am certain that… this is a necessary step. However difficult it might be politically, this is a necessary step.”

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Now exercising the First Amendment in Amerika can get you killed or maimed by an expanding variety of “less than lethal” (sic) techno abuses.  More than 500 people so far have been Tazed to death.



10,000 X less semiconductor material needed for equivalent energy output.  Vertical nano-wire design:

“Anna Fontcuberta i Morral and her team built a nanowire solar cell out of gallium arsenide, a material which is better at converting light into power than silicon. They found that it actually collects more light than the usual flat solar cell–up to 12 times more–and more light means more energy.

Also, arrays of nanowires would use at least 10 000 times less gallium arsenide…”

New one up at Counterpunch.


(Truer than Zero Dark Thirty anyway.)

Dr. Radiofrankenstein and Me



Smart meters spying on your activities–it’s quite feasible and a new security hole that should be addressed. If you power down before leaving the house, the energy company will know this. They will be able to tell or sell this data to whomever they want. They will be camped out inside your home wiring at all times 24/7.

The other side is that Americans are big fat, reckless energy hogs wasting power at astounding rates that leaves most of the world gawking with incredulity. This is a grey area, and I guess if you’re running a grow house of an unpopular variety, you may want to invest in some solar panels. You may also want to leave the devices on when you run out somewhere to avoid break ins.


DVD – Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

Blu-ray – Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

This documentary should be required watching in schools. These are the “masters of the universe.” The masters are anyone who finds a way to make large sums of money, even if they have to put your grandmother in the dark in order to extort outrageous electricity fees, while their Luciferian little frat boy scumbags laugh and joke about the chaos and destruction they are responsible for.

Welcome to America.

Enron (closely connected to the George W. Bush administration) was one of the greatest thefts in modern American history. This well-connected energy conglomerate expanded greatly out into the world, gobbling up electricity and other energy sector companies as it steam rolled into town, led by some of the most ruthless charlatans in US business. And that’s saying something.

What it’s saying is that “deregulation” is bullshit. Regulation is what protects your family from mafiosos like these. Government regulated the energy industry successfully for nearly 70 years, until the industry managed to buy their way into state legislation houses and overturn the perfectly-functioning electricity delivery system. Chaos ensued.

Even their own workers lost everything, stolen pensions, stolen jobs. See the movie.