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Saturday Night Live’s Lorne Michaels was recently the celeb royalty featured on Jerry Seinfeld’s car show, in an episode entitled: “Everybody likes to see the monkeys.” Now I wish I hadn’t bothered to tune in because now I have to respond.

The corporate overlord sensibility is prevalent, dripping from every annoyed grunt Michaels offers the inconsequential rabble. Instantly, I recalled how Tim Robbins and John Cusack had punched his number back in 1992. Michaels is a tool of social control, a buttress who defines what can be said to millions, and what cannot.



Michaels tipped his hand when Seinfeld challenged him on “alternative comics,” those “below 14th street” who don’t exist as far as SNL is concerned. The “alternative” is any alternative view to corporate whoredom, and Michaels sneers and scoffs his way through the idea that anyone but corporate-approved mindless, inconsequential distractions should matter.

Yes, he gleefully categorizes everyone and everything his show does as nothing more than monkeying around. And now we see the flaw in SNL as an institution. The boss believes in flinging poo and nothing beyond. He has no integrity on display, simply the desire to let the monkeys run amok for fun and profit. The world may burn to the ground elsewhere, but nothing relevant will appear in Lorne Michaels’ Monkey House. His show pretends to address issues, but it’s a pretense, a marketing strategy.



That’s why the show’s fakeness and vapidity are so entrenched and intractable. SNL cannot actually say anything meaningful; Michaels won’t allow it. It is not an “alternative,” to the rest of the corporate mainstream marketing propaganda but exists to reinforce it.

Even Michaels’ choice of restaurant reinforced his elite ruling-class view, escaping to where the coffees likely run $25 a cup, and no other diners were seen, or perhaps permitted. Michaels is a media mogul who decides for America what it can joke about each week, a propagandist, a puppeteer, a tool of social programming.



Anyone finding all this particularly unfunny?




Woody Allen does what he does, and I’m sort of cautious as to what to say about it.  I’ll need to watch the trailer and see what points are revealed before proceeding.


Okay, it’s all in there.  There’s a great riches to rags fall from ostentatious obscene wealth kind of through line that is pretty satisfying.  It’s easy to hate on Jasmine, the spoiled, stuck-up amoral trophy wife.  How many Jasmines don’t get the big wakeup call and continue on in their unearned lavish excess?  There’s something cathartic about this karmic kind of justice.


And yet, she’s not the perpetrator.  She was along for the ride, herself duped by the life.  In terms of culpability Hitler’s girlfriend isn’t some pure nun, but she didn’t give the orders, right?

In some ways this Wolf of Wall Street styled thread sticks as part of the current zeitgeist.  Jordan Belfort is now Alec Baldwin, and he’s a piece of work.  All the male characters distinguish themselves, usually in opposition to Jasmine.  A lot of heated, intense drama erupts when Jasmine is forced to come live with her lower class estranged sister — whom her former husband robbed of her life savings.

Woody intertwines the lives such that we have all sorts of unresolved tensions to play out, money, theft, the treatment of others, attitudes, class bias that sort of thing.  It’s all top notch stuff, and I’m liking the current Woody better than the old school silly Woody.

Many have suggested Cate Blanchett for the best actress Oscar, and I’m not sure as yet.  I’ll have to see all the other performances first.  She does an adequate job, but the role is annoying.  Constantly she babbles snips of her lost life on the shiny mountain.  This is an okay approach, but having to endure it takes its toll on the viewer. Because it’s not funny, although some situations are.  It’s a serious breakdown, and we can either feel sympathetic for Jasmine or gloat on her misfortunes … or both.





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Revolution Begins: Hunger Games II


You know I’m going to be there.  This looks better than the first one, and the stakes are getting larger.  Here are the articles we posted concerning The Hunger Games:




Elysium is coming, August they say. This time it’s class war and they’re going big. Take the District 9 budget and add $90 mil. Let’s hope it really delivers.


What we had to say about District 9:


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The Progressive Movement is a PR Front for Rich Democrats

“The “movement’s” funding is in the hands of a small number of super rich Democrats and union bureaucrats and advisors who run with them. Its talking points, strategies, tactics and PR campaigns are all at the service of the Democratic elite. There is no grassroots organized progressive movement with power in the United States, and none is being built. Indeed, if anything threatens to emerge, the cry “Remember Nader!” arises and the budding insurgency is marginalized or coopted, as in the case of the Occupy Wall Street events. Meanwhile, the rich elite who fund the Progressive Movement, and their candidates such as Barack Obama, are completely wedded to maintaining the existing status quo on Wall Street and in the corporate boardroom.  Their well-kept Progressive Movement is adept at PR, propaganda, marketing and fundraising necessary in the service of the Democratic Party and the corporate elite who rule it.

…’What we’ve got here is a deeply symbiotic relationship between a pseudo-movement that derives its raison d’etre and financial vitality from a vilification of the right, which it has helped to create and without which it would have no reason for existence.’

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