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We are ruled today by billionaire psychopaths who have captured the government, the regulatory processes, the foreign policies, and the tax code. Both parties are responsible, and it’s a fairly straight line to hell.




This is a war on you, and you better wake up soon.

Behind Trump’s plan to target the federal safety net




Trump’s 17 cabinet-level picks have more money than a third of American households combined


Read that again. And again until it sinks in.

When tiny-hands makes the laws “great” again, ask yourself great for whom?

Not you.

This collection of wealth is greater than that of the 43 million least wealthy American households combined—over one third of the 126 million households total in the US.

In some ways, Americans are so dumb and detached from reality they deserve whatever they get, I suppose.


You see that line on top? It’s going up. If you’re reading this, you’re probably not in that group. It is a deliberate program of increased INEQUALITY. That is who is in charge. And it’s about to get worse.

More charts:






More for the rich, less for everyone else.

It’s not fucking complicated.

If you’re not rich, and you voted for him, you’re not too bright.


Trump’s pick for Treasury secretary


How to be rich!