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We live in a fascist country.

Barack Obama


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Rep. Tulsi Gabbard announces run for president in 2020


Campaign Site


Just today???

I wonder if my harassment had an effect?





Ron Paul to independents: Vote Green Party


Dear Sarah,

Okay. But your half-hearted critique of Hillary was lame. She’s a war criminal with a record, a record of a lot of lying in fact…



Your weaselly defense of Clinton, a woman, a “Democrat” blah, blah… the Democratic Party is a criminal syndicate, not a charity organization. It doesn’t mean they actually favor democracy, although some may. The very existence of Superdelegates, delegates above and beyond the one-person / one-vote principle, betrays their true agenda.+





‘Wake Up, South Carolina!’ Endorsing Sanders, Spike Lee Slams Rigged System


“Bernie takes no money from corporations. Nada. That means he is not on the take.” —Spike Lee