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An Energy Breakthrough Could Store Solar Power for Decades

The system starts with a liquid molecule made up of carbonhydrogen, and nitrogen. When hit by sunlight, the molecule draws in the sun’s energy and holds it until a catalyst triggers its release as heat.



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Accused of “treason,” one man stands up to the nuclear powers and prevails


More people not brainwashed by false propaganda regarding radiation.

Switzerland votes to phase out nuclear energy and switch to renewables


Despite Trump’s wrecking crew of psychopaths, it’s coming anyway.

The Cheap Energy Revolution





World Energy Hits a Turning Point: Solar That’s Cheaper Than Wind

You gotta pay attention these days…


“Half the Price of Coal”

Green Defeats Oiligarchs.

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Windmills in a row on cloudy weather


Record Green Power Installations Beat Fossil Fuel for First Time

Fuck them. Fuck ’em. Fuckity fuck fuck FUCK THEM!

Global green power rose by a record 153 gigawatts, equivalent to 55 percent of newly installed capacity last year. Total installed capacity exceeded coal for the first time, the IEA said.