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Western media “whitewashing” Ukraine conflict. Systemic censorship. War since 2014.

Maligned in Western Media, Donbass Forces are Defending their Future from Ukrainian Shelling and Fascism

We will be joined by muckraking journalists Ben Norton and Eva K. Bartlett, legendary human rights attorney Steven Donziger, CIA whistleblowers John Kiriakou and Ray McGovern, comedian and activist Randy Credico, CovertAction Magazine editor Jeremy Kuzmarov, and more to be announced soon. 

This will be an exciting opportunity to meet like-minded activists from the world of deep politics and anti-imperialism. There will be music, a cash bar, and refreshments will be provided.

It’s more important than ever that we come together at this critical moment

Jeremy Kuzmarov
CovertAction Magazine

RSVP today and we’ll see you soon in NYC!

It’s time we talked about this sick, degenerate, Nazi monster they have created.

Ukraine Government issues blacklist of ‘Russian propagandists’
The list includes a number of prominent Western intellectuals


Of course Jimmy’s on the case. #NationalTreasure

Eva Bartlett (Canadian) reports on Ukraine military bombardment of civilian centers in Donetsk city. Eight years of these atrocities have killed at least nine-thousand civilians.

This is what America not only funds and arms, but what it censors out of its entire “news” coverage of the Ukraine conflict. #CensoredNews

9,000 civilians killed by Feb. 20 2022, before the invasion by Russia (to stop these atrocities).

This guy is pretty knowledgeable. Just discovered his show.


Eva Bartlett in Mariupol.

Eva Bartlett.



From Jan. 2019. I didn’t hear anything about this from mainstream “news” sources.

The White Helmets are proxy terrorists funded by Washington, London, and their partners in crime in the Persian Gulf.

UN Panel Details Organ Theft, Staged Attacks by the White Helmets



Organ theft, staged attacks: UN panel details White Helmets’ criminal activities, media yawns



Eva Bartlett reports on the ground and dispels the pervasive lies of western media.