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As He Attacks Medicare for All, Mayor Pete Gets Campaign Cash From Health Care Executives



This one gets its own post although I’m seeing a theme here with a lot of sexist complaints aimed at Hollyweird.

The article sort of boils my nards for a different reason altogether: marketing shit at kids.  This whole sexist appeal to boys is predicated on the logic that the boys buy more shit, which is potentially untrue, but why should these scum be marketing their garbage to kids in the first place?  It’s pathetic, the manufactured conformity, the pushing of plastic trinkets onto the youth giving them meaning in disposable Chinese extruded kitch.  Fuck.  What a waste of a culture.


The genius of Hollywood studio executives on display:

‘These Jokes Are Too Witty, Too Good’: 40 Network Notes That Illustrate How Dumb TV Executives Are
See: Network Notes on Twitter.

insurance_meetingPresident Barack Obama reads a letter he received from Natoma Canfield of Medina, Ohio, during a meeting with insurance company executives hosted by HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in the Roosevelt Room of the White House March 4, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Obamacare To Increase Individual-Market Health Premiums By 88 Percent



The corporate president in action.  Who isn’t included at this table?



President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden met with the country’s top business leaders and CEOs at the White House on Wednesday afternoon to discuss possible solutions to the so-called fiscal cliff negotiations currently ongoing in Washington. The following were in attendance, via the White House:· Frank Blake, Chairman and CEO, The Home Depot· Lloyd Blankfein, Chairman and CEO, Goldman Sachs Group· Joe Echeverria, CEO, Deloitte LLP· Ken Frazier, President and CEO, Merck and Co.· Muhtar Kent, Chairman and CEO, Coca Cola· Terry Lundgren, Chairman, President, and CEO, Macy’s Inc.· Marissa Mayer, CEO and President, Yahoo!· Douglas Oberhelman, Chairman and CEO, Caterpillar· Ian Read, Chairman and CEO, Pfizer· Brian Roberts, Chairman and CEO, Comcast· Ed Rust, Chairman and CEO, State Farm Insurance Co.· Arne Sorenson, President and CEO, Marriott· Randall Stephenson, Chairman and CEO, AT&T· Patricia Woertz, President and CEO, Archer Daniels Midland(Photo Credit: White House)