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Daily Stormer Troll Army Threatens CNN Staffers Over Reddit User Behind Trump/CNN GIF

Andrew Auernheimer, the notorious hacker and Internet troll known as ‘Weev,’ rallied the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer’s troll army for its latest campaign this morning, claiming that CNN was blackmailing a “teen shitposter.”

A Pro-Trump Neo-Nazi Group Just Threatened The Children Of CNN Reporters



Revenge-Porn Site Owner Sentenced To 18 Years In Prison

Good. Fuck that guy.


Kevin Bollaert, 27, was convicted of 21 counts of identity theft and six counts of extortion in connection with his website, which posted nude photographs of people with personal identifying information without their consent. People who approached Bollaert to have their intimate photos removed from the site were directed to and charged between $250 and $350.

Iceland holds referendum on repayment


Iceland told the Banksters to fuck off and die…

Let banks fail: Iceland’s plan looks to be working

“While the euro area grapples with record joblessness, led by more than 25% in Greece and Spain, only about 4% of Iceland’s labor force is without work.”





John Perkins has quite reformed himself after a career of participating in US foreign policy empire building.



James Corbett interviews Russell Tice: AUDIO.

Sibel Edmonds also interviews Tice.

“They went after everybody.”


Jump to 20 minutes into Corbett interview.

NSA has been spying for a decade on congress, judges, Supreme Court justices, CEOs, journalists, even White House Staffers!  


Any ignoramus who tries to downplay the severity of government spying, direct them to the Corbett interview, starting at 20min.

I’m upgrading this to the Featured section.

This is jaw dropping, and yet should probably be expected — even normalized by now…

lNow there’s a face: Craig Brittain – the owner/operator of isanybodydown

“Revenge porn” scammer boasts no-one will sue him

“CBS has a story on “revenge porn” sleaze Craig Brittain, whose website solicits private photos, then funnels the victims’ takedown requests to a non-existent “lawyer” who advertises outrageous fees.”

But it gets better!  The Legal Satyricon sez:


Such sweet boys.  Want to get to know them better?

Or go deeper down the rabbit hole with Adam Steinbaugh

“If you’re not yet familiar with (NSFW), here’s a synopsis of the controversy surrounding it:

Involuntary porn: is an “involuntary porn” or “revenge porn” site, posting nude photos, names, phone numbers, hometowns, and Facebook profiles of over 700 people. The photos are posted without consent and are purportedly submitted by jealous ex-lovers, but may be culled by the site from deceived Craigslist users. The site, hosted in Romania, claims immunity from U.S. copyright law and posted emails mocking those asking to have photos removed. Its owners view the site as a “weapon.”…”


Did I mention my Italian heritage?



Interview with “involuntary porn” webmaster

And a newer photo of the little darling:


Apparently the monied lifestyle hasn’t been too kind.

At the Good Company Bar and Restaurant in Briargate, where we’ve met for afternoon drinks, the bartender calls him “Craiggers.” Good Company is close to home, and Brittain often drops in for late-night karaoke, singing “Folsom Prison Blues” or “Bohemian Rhapsody.”