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If there were any doubts about Jesse Eisenberg’s douchebag credentials, they are surely dispelled. The narcissistic imbecile loves to take the money from fans though, and it warms his heart that increased sales are part of the deal…

“It is like being screamed at by thousands of people,” Eisenberg said, according to the Associated Press. “I don’t know what the experience is throughout history, probably some kind of genocide. I can’t think of anything that’s equivalent.”

The man whore appreciates the marketing though. What a vapid, idiotic piece of shit.

Always hated that sniveling asshole…

“The movie was received well. That’s why we go,” Eisenberg told PEOPLE at the Monday premiere of his other new film, The End of the Tour.

“You get to leave relatively unscathed and it’s at least a year before you have to do anything like that again,” he added of Comic-Con.


The thing is, I didn’t buy any fake ones. I actually block and report any douche monkeys who try and sell me followers.

Now the big question is if anyone actually reads or gives a rat’s feces about Twitter?


One more sign of the pathetic, execrable state of the US system…

State Department bureau spent $630,000 on Facebook ‘likes’

“State Department officials spent $630,000 to get more Facebook “likes,” prompting employees to complain to a government watchdog that the bureau was “buying fans” in social media, the agency’s inspector general says.”

Zach Braff delivers a funny pitch for money and shows how its’ done.  I didn’t even like Garden State, but I may have to see this one anyway.



Amanda Palmer gives a very inspiring talk on the new paradigm for success in the Twitter / Kickstarter age.