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PSIt worked for Al Qaeda, and brain-dead Hollywood gave those head-choppers a fucking Oscar!


You can’t write THIS shit.

This appears to be from several years ago. On the oligarch network that promoted him in politics. Funny comedy, right?

9,000 Dead Civilians in Donbas Never Made it Onto US TV

CNN promotes neo-Nazi commander from Ukraine’s white-supremacist Azov regiment


UPA units surrounded and attacked 99 Polish villages and settlements in three counties – Kowel, Horochów, and Włodzimierz Wołyński. On the following day 50 additional villages were attacked.[71] In January 1944, the UPA campaign of ethnic cleansing spread to the neighbouring province of Galicia. Unlike in Volhynia, where Polish villages were destroyed and their inhabitants murdered without warning, Poles in eastern Galicia were in some instances given the choice of fleeing or being killed.

Wikipedia: Ukrainian Insurgent Army

Polish victims of a massacre committed by UPA in the village of Lipniki, 1943

“It’s like erecting a monument to murderers on the graves of their victims.”

Canada accused of promoting Holocaust revisionism


But critics of the event say erecting a cross dedicated to members of OUN-UPA – an anti-Semitic organization that actively collaborated with the Nazis during much of the Second World War – in the middle of a Jewish cemetery amounts to desecration and a crude attempt to rewrite history.

“It’s a blatant insult to the memory of the Jewish victims,” Eduard Dolinsky, head of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, told Radio Canada International in a phone interview from Kyiv.

Canada seems to have changed.

Have I mentioned that I refused to vote for those scumbags and would never do so now?

Israeli asset Jen Psaki attacks US freedom of speech:

White House urges Spotify to take further action on Joe Rogan: ‘More can be done’

Militia plotted ‘war’ against California cops, impersonating Antifa, taking up arms