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Bill O’Reilly just hosted a fake Swedish ‘advisor’ to scaremonger about refugees

However, when Swedish newspaper Göteborgs-Posten started digging on Bildt’s background, they revealed Bildt’s actual surname was Tolling (which is a little less deliberately Swedish-sounding) and that he hasn’t lived in Sweden since 1994. They also learned that Swedish national security agencies have no idea who he is.

“We have no spokesman by that name,” said Marie Pisäter, a spokeswoman for the Swedish Defense Ministry, who also confirmed that he didn’t work in Sweden’s foreign office. “We do not know who he is.”

In addition to his lack of credentials, Bildt was also convicted of assaulting a police officer in the U.S. in 1994, for which he served one year in jail. The altercation with the police officer happened while Bildt was intoxicated, according to court documents filed in Arlington, Virginia.

Faux News is back on track.

I need a new propaganda minister for 2016..


Well the Los Angeles Times achieved a top spot on google news today with this headline: ‘The Lorax’: Will Dr. Seuss film turn your kid into an eco-terrorist?”

With no explanation of the “eco-terrorist” tie-in, what we had was a set of pronouncements by Fox News mouthpiece Lou Dobbs about the film. But none of even Dobb’s hateful smears included the word “eco-terrorist.” That apparently looks like the invention of the headline writers at the Times.

Onto Lou Dobbs, whose fascistic, sneering, wrapped-in-the-flag website features a promotion for a book entitled, “The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future.” Dobbs has made the leap from business news to movie reviews, with this gem:

“Hollywood is once again trying to indoctrinate our children, with an agenda, plainly demonizing the so-called 1% and espousing the virtue of green energy policies, come what may.”

Dobbs also blames “the president’s liberal friends in Hollywood targeting our younger demographic using animated movies to sell their agenda to children.” Those evil agenda spewing Hollywood white house cronies, like Dr. Seuss?

Ah the liberal agenda of not further destroying what’s left of the natural environment. Those bastards. If only Obama and company were indeed protecting the environment as Faux News would have their viewers believe.

Bottom line — I planned on skipping the theatrical run of The Lorax, since I’m no longer 10. But now, hell yeah. Let’s get a look at this heinous eco-terrorist agenda in action on the big screen. Count me in, and the kid.

Thanks Lou Dobbs.