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Free Money

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A Massive List of Fall 2017 Grants All Filmmakers Should Know About

Pogo Cam

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Well this is here, so we’re going to have to deal with it. $150?




This sounds a bit too easy. Something tells me that NSA has ways around it (like TOR before), but it’s worth considering and monitoring for developments.


I’ve waited quite a while for a zombie film that did something different. So much rides on the concept. As you may have guessed, my view is that we need more serious stories told from the perspective of younger people.


Finally, we have an interesting divergence from the usual, and it came out of Britain. These chompers are a bit like the 28 Days Later variety, but with head fungus. There’s a fungus among us. And that’s just the start.


I liked that the Girl was completely a wild card. The title makes sense by the end. So, no spoilers. Get the film and support a zombie.





Now More Than Ever

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Pretentious Movie Interview with ‘Hot Robot 3’ Filmmakers

THR Cinematographer Roundtable

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Cinematographer Roundtable: Film vs. Digital, Working With Scorsese and Which Phone Takes the Best Pictures