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Giants: Who Really Rules The World?


“80% of the stories… television news stories, are packaged or prepared by public relations firms working for government or corporations.”
-Peter Phillips


“The unanswered questions still remain unanswered.”
-Senator Bob Graham



Some observations:

  1. Graham avoids much, including Pakistani involvement, focusing exclusively on Saudi Arabia. No mention of the longtime Pak connections, the money transfers and the sacking of General Mahmud Ahmad after FBI discovered his links to Atta.
  2. No mention that the cover-up is itself TREASONOUS “Aid and Comfort” and that alone should be enough to arrest US high officials who obstruct justice.
  3. No mention of Richard Clarke and the CIA’s hiding of hijackers inside the US for over a year. The CIA’s role in allowing the attacks to succeed is the glaring red flag in all of this, dwarfing everything else.
  4. Of course he avoids building forensics, Israeli front company Urban Moving Systems and dozens–if not hundreds–of warnings prior to the event.



How to Not Waste A Dime On Your Feature Film


44 Film Grant Programs

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44 Film Grant Programs



ISIS terrorists money flowing in the U.S. through Bitcoin – report

The show’s guest is a Bush flunkie. We can be skeptical of the Pakistani news revelations, but this guy has no concept that the US and allies helped create ISIS, and that was and is a part of their global strategy.


As Iraq Burns, US Plans $500 Million to Terrorists in Syria