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“Do you have any explosives in your luggage, sir?”

That’s right. Ticket selling drones are asking everyone if they have explosives on them. “Dear terrorist, are you planning on blowing up anything during the flight?”

When a surgeon, confronted with this monumental wall of idiocy told a joke, he was of course arrested and fined $90,000!

Surgeon pays out $90,000 after terrorism joke ‘bombs’ at Miami airport

What’s more, he answered “C4.” But the person asking him didn’t even know what that was. This further shows the absurdity and ridiculousness of it all.



In a type of targeted taxation against the poor of Ferguson, they are written up, arrested and fined to generate huge sums of income to perpetuate the cycle. This oppressive environment leads to the revolts we witnessed last week.

Ferguson Feeds Off the Poor: Three Warrants a Year Per Household


[I should note that in Russia the Internet really does have a “CIA project” aspect to it.  This is how the US infiltrates nations, including Russia, Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Cuba…

Putin’s heavy-handed reactionary stance is troubling.  He has also gone after fucking profanities in the arts.  This does not bode well for freedom in Russia.]

Russia Quietly Tightens Reins on Web With ‘Bloggers Law’