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Three kinds of gun laws save lives

“Our research suggests that focusing on the “WHO” (i.e., who has access to firearms) is more impactful than focusing on the WHAT (i.e. what types of firearms are allowed). Based on these findings, the priorities for state policy makers should be: (1) universal background checks; (2) laws that prohibit gun purchase or possession by people with a history of violence (a conviction); and (3) extreme risk protection order laws that provide a mechanism for removing guns from people at high risk of violence to themselves or others.”

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Guns Don’t Make Us Safer – Here’s the Proof


4 countries have nearly eliminated gun deaths

America is a land of weaponized ignorance. The people have no concept of how things are different around the world. Since they are nationalists, programmed to worship the flag and the country, of course their way has to be superior than what any foreigners do…




Exactly the sort of seething, simmering psychopath we need to disarm. And/or lock up. America is descending into anarchy and right-wing authoritarianism. Deceivers like Jones are trying to build a bloodthirsty army of extremists. This is America’s real number one threat.

APTOPIX Las Vegas Shooting

The real history of the Second Amendment



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What do you guys make of this:



I post this because ABC News made a very specious rigged test to try and make it look like armed citizens are ineffectual in real incidents. It was not plausible, as the shooter busts in and targets the person who is supposed to respond, knowing full well who and where they are and not giving them any time to act at all. That’s not realistic in these types of incidents. A school shooting doesn’t go down that way. There are hundreds of people who can hear the first gunshots and have time to respond without being in the crosshairs the whole time.

The above Internet cafe  incident is not only realistic, but real.


Gun Carry Laws = More Crime?

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More guns, more crime: New research debunks a central thesis of the gun rights movement

The evidence suggests that right-to-carry laws are associated with an 8 percent increase in the incidence of aggravated assault, according to Donohue. He says this number is likely a floor, and that some statistical methods show an increase of 33 percent in aggravated assaults involving a firearm after the passage of right-to-carry laws.