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Video at link.



Best stuff yet.


Y mas.


You can oversample the video and select something like 1440p on Youtube for a good sense of the quality. Release is supposed to be around October.



(skin tones)




US Declassifies Footage of Hundreds of Nuclear Tests


GH5 First Footage

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4K 60P, very TV like. Have to wait for a film look.






WOW! A film-related post. It all comes full circle…

Stop Paying for Footage! The 411 on Fair Use





Mucho historical footage now yours to remix…


Why I love that little BMPCC

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  • 13 stops (+) of dynamic range
  • RAW uncompressed data
  • Teeny tiny



I did promise to revisit the camera after more footage was out.  Well, it’s out.  And the camera is available for order.






Note the global shutter and the motion characteristics that feel like film, as well as the vintage film color palette.  This camera has a Kodak CCD sensor, which is unique and distinct.  It gives the footage a particular character that other sensors can’t truly emulate.  I like it a lot, and it’s not a very expensive option, either.

Starting at $3299, it comes with an internal SSD drive and XLR audio inputs with 48v phantom power.  The big weakness is the built-in display, but a cheap HDMI add-on screen is an obvious solution.

The Digital Bolex has a character that is different than the competition and in some ways better.  The motion characteristics of its global shutter seem more natural and film like than the BMC 4K camera, which also has a global shutter — but a different feel to the movement.

The big strength of the D16 is for emulating an old time film stock, 1950s, 60s and 70s.  It almost looks like old independent film.

Comparison to BMC


I forgot to mention that the D16 sensor is not nearly as sensitive as other cameras, with a native ISO around 200.  This is a full two stops slower than the BMCs and miles below some of the newer cams from the big names.  So it may make night shooting more difficult, requiring more light.

Also, the dynamic range is pretty good, but maxes out around 12?  That’s a stop less highlight retention than the BMC Pocket cam and BMCC.  It is, however, superior to a bunch of DSLRs.




Long Review:




I probably shouldn’t publicize this and keep it amongst those who know.  New anamorphic adapters are giving us cinema quality widescreen at bargain basement prices ($799 plus your lenses).



New footage from the 2011 Japan devastation (the one that took out Fukushima).  Think of rising sea levels as the slower moving, yet infinitely more destructive version of this scenario.