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Colorado judge just granted 62,000 former immigrant detainees the right to sue GEO Group over forced labor



Obama also had a creepy “national service” initiative in his 2008 platform, one that he thankfully never forced on us. Now Clinton wants some Hitler Youth regimented bullshit, and perhaps the Millennials will finally give her the decisive finger.

Clinton calls for ‘National Service Reserve’ for millennials

Hillary Clinton wants to enlist young Americans into a national service program, where they would assist the government with anything from disaster relief to public works. The proposal is part of her push to win over millennial voters.


Treatment of the whales, from their capture and removal from parents, to their storage in tiny pools, to the incessant noise that bounces around the pools and aggravates their sonar leads to tragedy for the humans as well. Much like circuses and elephants that go on rampages after years of abuse by handlers, the whales of Sea World are living time bombs.

I’d seen the Sea World show when I was a kid, and I never thought about what the whales had undergone to get there.  This movie should open some eyes.

Blackfish trailer