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Al Nusrah Front: Right for Ameirca? Right for Liberty?
Right wing psychopaths should be deported to Syria.

Insane neocons? Is there any other kind?
Neocons Urge Embrace of Al Qaeda

While these treasonous scum are the ilk that allowed 9/11 to occur, just to benefit globally and double the military budget, they are now openly reversing course and trying to sell Al Qaeda as an acceptable alternative to ISIS.

Orwell chortles.

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Dear Comrades,
This is to inform you that starting immediately I’ll be taking a break from sending out my monthly Anti-Empire Report. The reasons for this are as follows:
Burnt out: After more than a dozen years of putting out the report, because US foreign policy keeps repeating itself, with the same lies, I too often find myself repeating the same ideas I’ve expressed before, often in more or less the same words.
I also feel the effect of day after day, year after year,  intensively reading and seeing images of the human horrors; not just the horrors, but the lies and the stupidity.
Health: I’m 82, and I’m suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease, in its final stage.  The main symptom of this at present is rather serious fatigue.  I expect that within the next year or so I’ll have to be on dialysis or receive a kidney transplant.
 I hope that before too long I’ll be able to submit an article to some of the Internet magazines.
Keep … the faith … in touch … on trucking,


It’s getting difficult to read this shit. Straight from CNN, where if it ends up there that means it’s undeniable and exposed.


ISIS fighter was trained by State Department

Another ISIS commander, whom we never did hear about on CNN, was also trained by the US:


ISIS Iraq Commander Trained by U.S.A!

Begging the question, what the fuck is the United States doing to Asia?


This is not something you often hear from Republicans…


Russia hosted an international conference to bring together the nations that oppose US and NATO warmongering. Nations included Russia, China, Iran, India, Kazakhstan, Greece and others.

Did a Chinese-Russian-Iranian coalition opposing NATO debut in Moscow?

All of them addressed Washington’s multispectral warfare that has utilized color revolutions, like EuroMaidan in Ukraine and the Rose Revolution in Georgia, for regime change. Shoigu cited Venezuela and China’s Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as failed color revolutions.

Foreign Minister Lavrov reminded the attendees that the possibilities of a dangerous world conflict were increasing due to the lack of concern by the US and NATO for the security of others and a lack of constructive dialogue…

…it is only possible to meet common challenges and preserve the peace through collective, joint efforts based on respect for the legitimate interests of all partners,

…During a meeting with Chinese Defense Minister Chang Wanquan, [Russian Defense Minister] Shoigu emphasized that Moscow’s military ties with Beijing are its overriding priority.” In another bilateral meeting the defense honchos of Iran and Russia confirmed that their cooperation will be part of the cornerstones of a new multipolar order and that Moscow and Tehran were in harmony in their strategic approach to the US.

A direct challenge to the “New World Order”:

S-300S-300 Missile Launchers

[Chinese] Minister Wanquan flatly told the MCIS that a fair world order was needed.

The new arms race is touched upon also.

Tariq Ali in a powerful essay, covering most bases:

The New World Disorder