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Fears over Roundup herbicide residues prompt private testing

Tests by Abraxis found glyphosate residues in 41 of 69 honey samples and in 10 of 28 soy sauces; Microbe tests detected glyphosate in three of 18 breast milk samples and in six of 40 infant formula samples.

Toxic Weed Killer Glyphosate (Monsanto’s Roundup) Found in Breast Milk, Infant Formula




Another holiday season rental courtesy of the family.  Mortal Instruments hits every cliché and Hero’s Journey formula point in the book.  A mind-numbingly predictable exercise in raking in dough from teenage girls.  The series goes the extra mile and throws in every supernatural imaginable: werewolves, vampires, witches, demons, demon hunters.

When they also threw in the “I am your father” shtick from Empire Strikes Back I had to clean vomit off the TV.  Painful.

I suppose it had lots of FX and magic and pretty young actors innocently lusting after one another.  Sounds like a winning franchise, and one I won’t be revisiting.  The girl in the lead was particularly lacking in charisma and watchability.  With a muted Kristen Stewart vibe, she read her lines and the plot moved along without me.  It was all such a stilted, mechanized, orchestrated puppet show that I couldn’t have cared less really if the demon hunters managed to knock out their video game demon enemies or whatever.  None of the drama ever escalated beyond the video game aesthetic, and none of it rang particularly true on any level.  Shame.

I’ll take it easy with one snarky quote.  From the SF Chronicle, Peter Hartlaub:

“It desperately gathers clichés like a teen fantasy Frankenstein that doesn’t realize its secret identity: parody.”

Apparently the books are supposed to be better.  Up next, also courtesy of the family, 2 Guns.



“To make Kirk relevant again Abrams has reinvented him as what he wishes Obama could be. Kirk is an Obama trying to lead a recovery from a time of darkness and defeats.”

Abrams’ New “Star Trek” Loaded with Political Parallels: Kirk as Obama

There’s not a lot to go on, I suppose, until Friday.

I will say I’ve been seriously dreading this new “edgier” and “darker” turn in Star Trek, just like every other “franchise” out there making big money.  The old complexities and sci-fi concepts that made the original Star Trek interesting have been replaced by white male revenge fantasies.  It seems the only ideas Hollywood has left to offer the world are how to kill bad guys in new and more explosive ways.  I don’t expect much from studio projects, but I was hoping that Star Trek wouldn’t devolve into the same jingoistic imperial propaganda, masquerading as space opera.  Friday, the verdict will be in.

Of course Hollywood loves the Obama image without even understanding real geopolitics on the ground, at all.  H’weird is a land of great ignorance, like the rest of America, and it reinforces this ignorance with simplistic good v. evil formulas.  Hollywood is a symptom of a sick culture as much as it is an illness driving the race over the cliff.  A people so ignorant, so nationalistic, and so one-sided, who trade rights for false promises of “security” and trade their own morality for empty vengeance — in real life* — can’t remain a functioning democratic republic for long.  That is the natural result of the accumulation of illegitimate power and unaccountable militarism.

America had it all.  And lost it all.  In the end perhaps Americans were too fat, lazy, selfish and stupid to even keep up with the state of the world.  They shirked their responsibility to keep their own government in check and they succumbed to mass brainwashing.  They weren’t the first, and they were warned.


* “More to the point, two-thirds of those in the current poll still believed the war was justified even if we didn’t find weapons of mass destruction.” -Boston Globe, June 26, 2003