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Fifteen of its presidential candidates, more than 50 of its member organizations in the states, and a slew of progressive organizations that make up its voting base, some armed with petitions bearing over 200,000 signatures, all are now calling for the DNC to hold a separate climate-focused debate.

Demand for Presidential Climate Debate Escalates 




A rapid global shift to clean energy is needed to prevent runaway climate change, says António Guterres


Continuing his crimes against the environment and the majority of the people, Trump slashes clean energy research. This is in direct contradiction to most of the world, which is moving toward a sustainable future.


White House seeks 72 percent cut to clean energy research, underscoring administration’s preference for fossil fuels

Green Defeats Oiligarchs.

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Windmills in a row on cloudy weather


Record Green Power Installations Beat Fossil Fuel for First Time

Fuck them. Fuck ’em. Fuckity fuck fuck FUCK THEM!

Global green power rose by a record 153 gigawatts, equivalent to 55 percent of newly installed capacity last year. Total installed capacity exceeded coal for the first time, the IEA said.



“Yes he can!!!”


Common Dreams:

‘Insane, Disgusting’ and ‘Epic Treachery’: NSA Spied on Climate Talks

‘Obama admin. clearly never wanted Copenhagen talks to work,’ says Bill McKibben following latest NSA revelations concerning climate talks


So when are the millions of “Democratic” (sic) Party apologists going to shut the fuck up for a change?  The “change we need,” is for you assholes to shut the fuck up, because you’re the party of corruption, deception, illegal spying, support for terrorism in Syria, Libya and points beyond…

We need real democracy in this police state / imperial behemoth.  I will only ever vote third party / independent.  I don’t vote for evil, no matter how “lesser” they pretend it to be.

In case passing readers don’t understand why the Liar in Chief would sabotage the global warming initiatives, it has a lot to do with all that natural gas FRACKING that the administration loves so dearly. America will profit greatly, becoming a net gas exporter and if the water reserves in the aquifers are all polluted, then oh well.  Obama Inc. loves fracking, loves the natural gas industry and so global warming will have to be spun away for a while.



US Shale Oil expected to be exploited without restriction…

“The [International Energy Agency (IEA)] said it expected the US to overtake Russia as the world’s biggest gas producer by 2015 and to become “all but self-sufficient” in its energy needs by about 2035.”

With the “self-sufficiency” justification in full swing, there is not going to be any real  debate over the fracking pollution of groundwater, nor the global warming carbon increases.  This self-sufficiency card will silence Americans and continue their slavish reliance on fossil fuels, instead of creating a clean, renewable infrastructure.

Anti-Fracking activists are set to be treated like terrorists, as anti-animal cruelty activists currently are, without a peep from middle Amerika.  You think “Welcome to the New World Order” is a little over the top?