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THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? (Full Movie)

Beginning with a dazzling CGI show about energy fields and the potential for free energy, it progresses into all sorts of fringe right wing pet issues, many of them true and verifiable, but just as many not. Finally ending on an anarcho-libertarian utopia fantasy — but it never actually provided the necessary specifics about the free energy technology it purported to be the key to it all.

Now, I have no doubt that much of the film is true, maybe even most of it. But this is not established in the film, claims are not supported, sources are not cited, and some very controversial subjects are given short blurbs rather than the in-depth attention warranted. That is frustrating, but I suppose it is to be expected. Mostly the speaker relies on generalizations about corruption in high places and control by elites, using this as a crutch to dance around the wilder claims.

Bottom line, I have no idea if his “facts” are true, and it would take months to research all the material because the film simply jumps from subject to subject in a blitzkrieg approach. Little is established beyond a reasonable doubt, but it may pique your curiosity to look further.