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Eight Celebs that Helped Raise $60M for the IDF Right Before It Launched an Attack on Gaza

The Hollywood minor celebrities giving money to Israel’s genocidal military.


Ashton Kutcher | A superstar who rose to fame from the hit TV series That 70s Show and now peddles cameras, Ashton Kutcher proudly attended November’s Friends of the IDF event.

Andy Garcia | Andy Garcia has a long history of supporting reactionary forces in his home country of Cuba, where his family of business owners fled after the beginning of the revolution and failed Bay of Pigs operation. Today, Garcia supports Israel’s imperialist military-industrial complex occupying Palestine.

Fran Drescher | American icon and “activist” Fran Drescher can be spotted in pictures from the event rocking a peace sign. Gaza, however, experiences anything but peace.

David Foster | Prominent Canadian singer David Foster proudly attended the event in support of Israeli occupation.

Gerard Butler | In a twist of fate, Gerard Butler’s Malibu home was destroyed by the California wildfires this week. Quite ironic considering that Butler supports the forced removal of Palestinians from their homes and subsequent destruction.

Pharrell Williams | Pharrell Williams provided entertainment for the event. His hit song “Happy” added a disturbing tone to a gala celebrating 70 years of brutal Israeli military occupation and oppression.

Ziggy Marley | Ziggy Marley, son of the late reggae icon Bob Marley, proudly attended the gala, which raised a staggering $60M to support causes relating to the IDF.

Katharine McPhee | The American singer and actress, who rose to fame thanks to her participation on American Idol and her role in the House Bunny, attended the FIDF gala.



Help Abby Martin get Empire Files back on the air.

PATREON: Empire Files is creating radical investigative journalism



Print these up, and send them in to the Democratic National Committee. That’s the support you’re willing to give them.




Christina Tobin sent this…

Dear Friends,

It has been quite an amazing year in helping to create open, transparent elections in America as well as to raise the consciousness of the human family. No goal worthy of achieving comes easy. Our team is mostly comprised of volunteers who sacrifice a lot in hopes of a brighter future for us all.

Donate today to support Free and Equal Elections.

In 2014, we brought you:

  • The United We Stand Festival, bringing together noteworthy activists, leaders such as best-selling author Marianne Williamsonand Dr. Jill Stein; artists/musicians such as Immortal Techniquefounders of the Wu-Tang Clan, Luminaries, The Siren, Paul Masvidal of Cynic, Kellee Maize, A-Alikes, and more; journalists such as Amber Lyon, Sean Stone, Ben Swann, Luke Rudkowski, Mnar Muhawesh, and more; and most importantly, we the people – especially the youth.
  • The 2014 Colorado Open Gubernatorial Debate, moderated byProfessor Griff of hip-hop legends Public Enemy and Chuck Bonniwell of the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce, was the only debate to give the alternative candidates a voice. Opening remarks were given by former Congressman Dennis Kucinich (via video) and Dr. Jill Stein. Hip-hop group The Soul Pros performed after the debate.
  • Our first-annual Voting Methods & Election Integrity Symposiumwas held at Infinity Park in Glendale, CO, which came to a consensus on reforms and solutions for our voting and elections systems. In attendance was Colorado State AssemblymemberKathleen Conti, former Congressman Tom Tancredo, League of Women Voters Boulder activist Celeste Landry, and everyday people who support open and transparent elections. Glendale’sMayor Mike Dunafon presented an opening address via video.

In 2015, we will continue to work toward bringing more voices into the election process, with more debates, more symposiums, and another United We Stand Festival. Our honest media outlet, the Free and Equal Network, and our Election Assistant are coming soon. We are also looking forward to a string of open presidential debates in 2016!

Support these worthy projects – donate to Free and Equal Elections today. We’ve got a lot of difficult and important work ahead of us. We can’t do it without you. Thanks in advance for your support.


Democrats’ hypocrisy on corruption, plus some gags about the email spam.

PS –

I was calling out this email harassment in 2007-8 when Obama emailed me daily, or twice even. Took Stewart long enough.


Separating investors from their dirty lucre…

7 Tips from Silicon Valley on Giving Confidence to Potential Investors





With all the Lindsay hysteria, people may have overlooked what happened here:


“The total investment for Bret and I was $3,000 each. And then Kickstarter gave us $160,000, and then everything else was deferred. One of the attractions to doing this, other than working with Bret, was just the curiosity factor. Is it possible to make, is it possible for me to make a film under this new paradigm? This kind of group cooperative paradigm. Where everything is driven by social media. The fundraising that we would keep asking for volunteers on Facebook. We’d ask for extras on Facebook. We got that house, which is really a six-star boat, we got that house through Facebook. For free. Everything about this film from the inception to the casting to the financing, the making, the promoting, and now the release, was intended to be done in a way unlike I’ve ever done before.”


The 50 Worst “Charities” in America


And put your credit card back in the wallet.  Scams are prevalent, and so investigate the outfit you’re giving the money to.

… percentage of money that is donated to those organizations that actually goes to help people:

1. Kids Wish Network (2.5%)
2. Cancer Fund of America (0.9%)
3. Children’s Wish Foundation International (10.8%)
4. American Breast Cancer Foundation (5.3%)
5. Firefighters Charitable Foundation (8.4%)
6. Breast Cancer Relief Foundation (2.2%)
7. International Union of Police Associations (0.5%)
8. National Veterans Service Fund (7.8%)
9. American Association of State Troopers (8.6%)
10. Children’s Cancer Fund of America (5.3%)


The rest of the WORST 50 LIST is here: Tampa Bay Times & Center for Investigative Reporting.

News piece.

“Some nonprofits are little more than fronts for fund-raising companies, which bankroll their startup costs, lock them into exclusive contracts at exorbitant rates and even drive the charities into debt. ”


Zach Braff delivers a funny pitch for money and shows how its’ done.  I didn’t even like Garden State, but I may have to see this one anyway.


Corruption, bribery, conflicts of interest, plutocracy, Lesterland, money in politics…




I debated for this same solution in journalism class and was met with blank stares and knee jerk rejectionism.

They said: “We have to get money out of politics, not in!  That’s absurd.”

Me: “We have to get people’s influence INTO politics to offset the influence of what that money is buying.”

The solution is as easy as a one line box on the 1040 Income Tax form.  Give everyone a piece of political money to play in the game.  It doesn’t have to be a lot, just enough to empower the voices who represent common people.  This is the obvious solution to empower regular people to compete in the political arena while still being fair to the entrenched upper class.  Right now the elites monopolize the political funding system and control the candidates and high officials.  The only sensible response is to empower the rest of us, whom they are currently fucking over, so that our voices are heard too (as they are attached to campaign contributions).




Kickstarter Project is running out of time to go document the Atlantic’s giant garbage patch.