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CIA Phoenix Program was model for Department of Homeland Security.



Officials Cast Wide Net in Monitoring Occupy Protests

For instance, the head of the Washington police department’s intelligence fusion division sent an email to colleagues before Thanksgiving2011 with an order to develop a “one-page product” to acquaint commanders with “the potential threat” described in a 31-page report prepared by the International Council of Shopping Centers.

The report examined protesters’ “attitude towards retail,” suggested that business could be disrupted on the day after Thanksgiving and listed several “specific known threats.” They included credit card detractors equipped with scissors at malls and posters offering “help for people who want to put an end to mounting debt and extortionate interest rates with one simple cut” and a group of people who had declared on a website that they would “intentionally forgo the shopping frenzy.”

Cathy L. Lanier, chief of the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, said that officials who shared the report might have done so simply to prepare for all eventualities. “I wouldn’t consider anything in there as a threat,” she said. “But I can see the implications for planning purposes.”

Military employees also shared Occupy material. Two Defense Department employees, for example, regularly sent information to the fusion center in Washington or to a federal official connected to the center. One of them, an intelligence research specialist working in the threat analysis center of the Pentagon Force Protection Agency, circulated an email describing Google searches as “a very handy intel gathering tool” to keep tabs on Occupy protests.

RT Breaking the Set:


RT has ignored all the evidence that has emerged of CIA links to the Boston bombers, including their own uncle.  Breaking the Set has yet to utter the name “Graham Fuller” just like the rest of the censored US media.  The assumption that FBI was too distracted to look into the Tsarnaev brothers doesn’t fly.  The CIA has interfered in previous cases with FBI monitoring of terrorist suspects who were working FOR CIA.

FBI malfeasance happened in the 9/11 case and with Ali Mohammad.  This may be the explanation for FBI’s refusal to monitor the Tsarnaev brothers, and NOT this easy to digest “distraction” story.


And a little unknown history from the NY Times:

The accusation stems from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s refusal to allow investigators for a Congressional inquiry and the independent Sept. 11 commission to interview an informant, Abdussattar Shaikh, who had been the landlord in San Diego of two Sept. 11 hijackers.

Abdussattar Shaikh 2 fox news_2050081722-32524

In his book “Intelligence Matters,” Mr. Graham, the co-chairman of the Congressional inquiry with Representative Porter J. Goss, Republican of Florida, said an F.B.I. official wrote them in November 2002 and said “the administration would not sanction a staff interview with the source.” On Tuesday, Mr. Graham called the letter “a smoking gun” and said, “The reason for this cover-up goes right to the White House.”

The report added to suspicions about a Saudi role in the hijacking plot.

Senator Accuses Bush of Cover-Up
Published: September 8, 2004