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The iMom (short)

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This is like an episode of Black Mirror.




Jacque Fresco continues challenging humanity to advance and to evolve.  Kickstarter.

Paradise or Oblivion?





PostHuman (short)

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It must have been fate that had me watch this short right after I posted my Battlestar Galactica review.  One of the voices is none other than Tricia Helfer — the blonde Cylon bombshell (she also did Playboy).

The style instantly reminded me of Aeon Flux.



Jihad of the nerds?



This Jason Silva fellow really hits the caffeine hard.  More at TestTube

Shots of Awe


Elysium is coming, August they say. This time it’s class war and they’re going big. Take the District 9 budget and add $90 mil. Let’s hope it really delivers.


What we had to say about District 9:



Outstanding, and I’m only through the first third.  Welcome to the underclass, and to the corporate-fascist Idiocracy.

Obey: A film by Temujin Doran


From Studio Canoe. This might be the best thing I’ve come across today, leading to a direct conflict with the previous post.


Whats the Far Future of Intelligence in the Universe? Ray Kurzweil explains exponential growth of intelligence, the singularity, the rise of the machines? Prepare for future shock.