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Newsweek Suppressed OPCW Scandal And Threatened Me With Legal Action

“I have collected evidence of how they suppressed the story in addition to evidence from another case where info inconvenient to US government was removed, though it was factually correct,” Haddad said. “I plan on publishing these details in full shortly. However, after asking my editors for comment, as is journalistic practice, I received an email reminding me of confidentiality clauses in my contract. I.e. I was threatened with legal action.”




BBC producer in Syria’s admissions IGNORED by his own network.

Riam Dalati


BBC Syria Producer



Seymour Hersh is back. (And has to publish in Germany now.)

Trump‘s Red Line

Also, the US military knows it is a sham and a prelude to WW3.

“We got a fuckin‘ problem“

Intelligence officials doubted the alleged Sarin gas attack at Khan Sheikhoun. WELT AM SONNTAG presents a chat protocol of a security advisor and an active American soldier on duty at a key base in the region.


NYT Mocks Skepticism on Syria-Sarin Claims


Of course it is, and of course the brainwashed western publics don’t care.

“Unfortunately, based on totally fake information, the United States, France and Great Britain have once again planted – one cannot put it any other way – into the U.N. Security Council a draft resolution which has a completely anti-Syrian character,” the RIA Novosti agency quoted Zakharova as saying.

Russia: proposed U.N. Syria resolution based on “fake information”

I have chronicled a tsunami of lies from those same false sources since 2012.


My September 2013 piece:



Hersh Vindicated? Turkish Whistleblowers Corroborate Story on False Flag Sarin Attack in Syria

The purpose of the attack was allegedly to provoke a US military operation in Syria which would topple the Assad regime…

I, and some others, called this at the time. It was glaringly obvious, too. The pattern of western deception and support for terrorism in Syria is a great stain on our entire civilization.

“The MKE [Turkish Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation] is also an actor that is mentioned in the investigation file. Here is the indictment. All the details about how sarin was procured in Turkey and delivered to the terrorists, along with audio recordings, are inside the file,” Erdem said while waving the file.


“Wiretapped phone conversations reveal the process of procuring the gas at specific addresses as well as the process of procuring the rockets that would fire the capsules containing the toxic gas.

So let’s recall the disgusting propaganda of 2013, and the attack on children and civilians in Ghoutta, Syria.

The local Catholic Mother Superior, Mother Agnes, investigated the evidence and published a huge report showing manipulation of the bodies, moving them from location to location for photo propaganda. She helped identify the dead and expose the propaganda as a fraud:


How was her investigation–that put her life in jeopardy–received in “the west?”

The US corporate monolithic press largely ignored her, of course.

BBC attacked her with specious claims, not showing ANY of the photographic evidence at all.

But the most despicable character to emerge was leftish foundation funded darling JEREMY SCAHILL:

Seymour Hersh would confirm what a lot of us already knew, only to be exiled to Britain in order to have his report published!

So the real question today is:

Where are the apologies and actual investigations of this sarin war crime from these propaganda organs, now that the plot has unraveled in Turkey?

You won’t find it. We are living in an Orwellian dystopia. This is the “memory hole,” which George Orwell brought into existence so eloquently.


Refusing to show the actual photographic evidence, the BBC goes into propaganda overdrive to insinuate that none of it can possibly be credible.

The actual photographs / videos tell the whole story.  That’s what’s missing of course at Washington’s British PR wing.


In fact BBC itself “doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.”

Do they show the specific images that are the focus of the controversy?

Of course not.  They bring in the FUCKING OPINIONS of shills to discredit Mother Agnes’ work without a shred of evidence on their side.

I already posted this two weeks ago.  Here it is again:

Mother Agnes Mariam is mother superior of St. James Monastery in Qara, Syria.
Her group’s analysis of the alleged video evidence of the chemical weapons attack of August 21st shows discrepancies that are hard to grasp:

  1.  The bodies of children appear in different locations, and must have been moved around and staged.
  2.  Bodies of adults also appear in different locations, in different parts of the city.
  3. The neighborhood of Ghouta was abandoned by residents because of ongoing battles between insurgents and the army.  Thus, the residents weren’t living at the location of the attack.
  4. Other propaganda posted by the rebel insurgents actually shows a Cairo, Egypt attack, but is claimed to be a chemical weapons attack in Syria.

Other inconsistencies are documented in a 50 page report from  International Support Team for Mussahala in Syria (ISTEAMS), an organization founded by mother superior Agnes Mariam.




As ridiculous and psychopathic, and stupid as these Al Nusra terrorists are, they were also caught using images from the Egyptian uprising as propaganda:

From Globalresearch.




“Chemical weapons in Syria: Knockout to Jirga Brotherhood criminals P”

Facebook Video

Here’s your war criminals, Obama.  Not the Syrian Army by the way.  These assholes are probably on the payroll at some level, likely through their Saudi Arabian terrorist handlers.

So, now that we have evidence of who is committing these war crimes, is Obama going to admit to as much and say anything true whatsoever?  Don’t bet your life (or your honor) on it.


ALSO recall UN human rights inspector Carla del Ponte already blamed the opposition rebels for a nerve gas attack in May.  NOT the government.


A dozen Al Nusra Brigade terrorists, who are Syrian “opposition” fighters and also Al Qaeda light, were ARRESTED in Turkey in possession of Sarin nerve gas on their way to the Syrian border, also in May of this year,


Another report from Syria by Associated Press reporter Dale Gavlak talks about Saudi funding and arms transfers, including these chemical weapons.  Report claims that improperly handled canisters blew up by some ignorant rebels, although the specifics are sketchy.

Mint Press:

“However, from numerous interviews with doctors, Ghouta residents, rebel fighters and their families, a different picture emerges. Many believe that certain rebels received chemical weapons via the Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, and were responsible for carrying out the dealing gas attack.”

“More than a dozen rebels interviewed reported that their salaries came from the Saudi government.”

Jihadi-nervegas copy”

Leading UN Investigator: “Evidently Syrian Rebels Used Sarin”

More evidence.

Western sponsored Jihadi terrorists are behind the recent gas attack in Aleppo Syria, and not the Syrian government of course. The gas killed several Syrian soldiers and was fired at a government checkpoint in the center of town.

West Drops Syria WMD Narrative As Evidence Points to Western-Armed Terrorists

It was telling that the Obama people remained silent on the recent attack while the corporate/fascist press was left to speculate if the gas attack would rise to Obama’s “red line” threat of war (another Crime Against the Peace War of Aggression threat). The Obama regime knew that details would probably leak out, and that this attack would not stick to the Syrian Assad regime. So they remained silent, allowing the propaganda organs to do their despicable work on the US/ Western publics.

Now, the UK Telegraph has exposed the attack for its opposition Jihadi origins, as predicted by many, including Anonymous, who released a video of these same Jihadi terrorists testing SARIN nerve gas on rabbits. That video has now been mysteriously removed from Youtube (

Anonymous has a new video detailing the false flag SARIN stunt perpetrated by Jihadi terrorists: