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Disposable Youth

Another indie look at America’s wasted young, a society that doesn’t value its next generation.  Little Birds fits neatly alongside other dystopian explorations such as Kids (1995), Thirteen (2003) and Suburbia (1983).

The story involves a girl stuck in a polluted hellhole and raging to break free and go to the city.  Juno Temple plays Lily, a wild and crazy teen, who will do anything to feel different and wanted.  Her best friend Allison enables her to escape the Salton Sea and run off to LA to find a particular street boy.  Once in LA, the kids subsist from petty crime to petty crime, and Lily falls instantly in love with the crazy lifestyle.

Juno Temple, recently also seen in Killer Joe, is pushing ahead with edgy, disturbing roles on the far side of sane.


Little Birds is on DVD at the Redboxes and Netflix.


Disposable street kid turned hero, Kai: