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Paraphrasing Orwell:

The partisan not only ignores the lies and crimes committed by his own party, he has a remarkable capacity for never even hearing about them.



Taco Bell’s weird-ass Orwell ripoff, complete with totalitarian clowns (yes, you read that right)

I suppose it’s not much of a leap from this to Divergent/Insurgent.

If I had the chance to vomit up some Taco Bell breakfast onto the heads of the assholes responsible for this — well you’d have to take it, right?




Thailand Bans Screening of Orwell Film “1984”




Business concept isolated on white

With the devil’s tongue, but perhaps too ham-fisted and obvious to fool any of the grownups, Barack Orwell has redefined the language for us.

What the fuck is a “Norm?”

His UN mouthpiece Samantha Power used the same buzzword at the United Nations as they essentially destroyed International Law once and for all, replacing it with “international norms.”

At the G-20 Obama went all in, giving the finger to the United Nations, most of the world, and most Americans as well…

“When there is a breach this brazen of a norm this important, and the international community is paralyzed and frozen and doesn’t act, then that norm begins to unravel. And if that norm unravels, then other norms and prohibitions start unraveling, and that makes for a more dangerous world,”

The current “norm” is the UN Charter and that nations aren’t legally permitted to attack other nations.  Obama seeks to destroy this “norm” and legalize Hitler’s approach to international relations (the same thing we excoriated Bush for, for 8 years).

Hitler Invades Poland = America Invades Iraq = America bombs Syria

That’s the “norm” since the UN Charter was implemented in the 1940s.


You didn’t think it would end there, did you?


Will we help Syria? We will. And we are already helping, we send arms, we cooperate in the economics sphere, we hope to expand our cooperation in the humanitarian sphere, which includes sending humanitarian aid to support those people – the civilians – who have found themselves in a very dire situation in this country,” Putin said.


Putin: Syria chemical attack is ‘rebels’ provocation in hope of intervention’


The Grim, Relentless March to War with Syria





Because He Loves You











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Communique, April 26 2013

FROM: Central Command

TO: All Party Officers

Great double-plus Memory Hole experiment successful.  News digitally rewritten ad infinitum.  Current-Reality (CR) exclusivity, deception bolstered to operational capacities.  Top down, lockdown hierarchy green lighted.  Proles see no alternative.

Daily Thought: There is no alternative.

Manufacturing defective alternatives.  Foundation money, loyal opposition.  Fund consistently below level to tip balance.  Prole dissenters rail double-plus ungood, sign own re-education orders.  Unlimited tracking, storage enabled.

Ministry of Love setbacks.  Predicted resistance.  Key personnel shielded.  Much talent waits further orders.  New marketing strategies make headway.  See: Bigelow, Boal.

Ministry of Strategy: Opportunities in East Asia and West, Africom building to critical mass over ten year plan.  FearCo. accepted bid.  Muslim card in play.  Tie E. Asia to Muslim threat?  Analysis needed.

Current: Lockdown raving success, perfect timing, setup and duration.  Photo ops overwhelmingly double-positive.  Go team.  Extra ration.

Goldstein Project: Flounders due to communications liberties.  CISPA to address off-message population segments.  Obama-bot maintains favorable perception, motions to initiate new rollouts.  Caution urged, overreach modeled by some analysts.

Lockdown after-action reports suggest positive gains.  Cautioned delicate handling.  Demonization: new Two Minutes Hate proposed.  New cabinet posting?  Ministry of Friendship?

Islamic Militant allies: Libya, Syria, Chechnya, Dagestan express concern re: current event.  Approve new revenue streams, Saudis.  Demanding ground to air missiles.  Some reservations; intelligence considering.

Russian hostility, intel recent bombers.  Threats to escalate media confusion.  Warrant minor concessions?  Worst case: initiate next incident, bury previous.

Fiscal crisis: target elderly, disabled, poverty children.  Lacking sufficient lobby and action capabilities, easy measure.  Could mitigate several trillion $ until next war is ready for green light rollout.

Ecosys crisis: Warmer deemed double plus good, exploit N. frontier.  Fishery collapse, double plus ungood, deemed unsolvable.  Plastic ocean waste still unkown net.  Radiation, Fukushima, party members cautioned: no Pacific fish.  Fresh water forecasts, depletion of aquifers, look to N. ice sheets.  GMO foodlike substitutes: party members cautioned consume organic.

Options in E.A. include N.K. tactical nuclear strike, sufficient to achieve objectives.  One, major war footing push, recruitment.  Two, casualties restricted to K. peninsula.  Three, information campaigns realigned for two-seven yrs.  Also E.A., Islamic brigade proxy invasion in Malaysia proceeding.  Prototype appears promising.

W.Asia options focus Syria.  Tipping point 3-6 months, surge of Saudi funds, arms, news management.  Atrocity false flag model success, suggest new outrages to blame on Syr. Gov’t.

Africa options stalled, failure to capitalize on Kony propaganda.  Decisive, swift mobilization suggested upon any pretext.  Creative solutions called for.

Latin Am. options newly emerging.  Death of Chavez and orchestrated unrest in Ven.  Significant off-shore oil.  New drilling techniques.  Colombia anti-drug initiative lost potency.  Need new narco-terrorist axis pretext.  Perception mgmt. personnel and fund infusion critical to branch out onto continent.

Homeland options: EYES ONLY.


It’s here. Listen to the gleeful triumphalism in the voices, as the end of privacy and all movements can now be tracked from above.


“If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.” -George Orwell

“Full Spectrum Dominance” is on track (.pdf).



BBC: A Life in Pictures (1h28m)