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I cannot stomach these circle jerks, but now I may have to look up Ricky Gervais’ speech.


Ricky Gervais eviscerates ‘woke’ Hollywood at the Golden Globes




Meryl Streep Defends Hollywood, Foreigners, and the Press in Blistering Anti-Trump Speech



I can’t help but feel a little relief that it wasn’t ZDT.  Perhaps the judges there were cautious enough to avoid that stigma.  Who wants to be known for supporting torture lies?

Argo, however, is more CIA so-called “heroism” with the people of Iran in the crosshairs.  As we “look forward instead of backward” in the words of Obama, on why he won’t enforce the law against torturers, we must all bear in mind what “forward” entails.  It entails the known hit list of the US military industrial complex, and at the top of that Mafia styled listing is Iran.  Former General Wesley Clark, among others, have revealed the war plans against Iran for many years now.

Argo is a piece of despicable propaganda because it failed to tell the whole truth about the US fucking over that nation.  Training the Shah’s death squads and secret police, the SAVAK, this was a prime motivator for the mobs of 1979 to rise up and overthrow their oppressors.  Argo sides with the oppressors, and it renders caricatures of Iranians, wild eyed, irrational maniacs to be feared.  Its propaganda value today is clear.

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