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Musical Wednesday

Posted: May 11, 2016 in -
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It’s been a while.





OMG where will it stop?

SDali89 writes in:

 “Play my collaboration with Walter the Disney.  Nobody’s seen all that grinding hard work, drawing all those little pictures.  My arm was sore for two years.  Hail General Franco!”

G.Frapp responds: whaz with all theez bluddy fascists!

The Plugsheister sez: Da original Goats 911 aminatzit, dog, from ‘03 shitunot.

ThunderPigFuck writes in: Serve and protect your face into the concrete, maggots.

MCKimWhoopWhoop was also excited to hear about Shorts Week, and has ordered 24,451,285 spam emails to my gmail account so that I would post this:

B.ConnMann answers: Chill Kimmy, we come in peace.

GorgeousFred91 used a very large font to say:

Shut up and ride! Two three four…




I do love Alison Goldfrapp

Posted: February 20, 2013 in -
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I really need to change the mood after that last post.