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If there are any real Americans left in this devolving totalitarian nightmare, this will be a major success. The whistleblowers, now being persecuted by Obamas inJustice Dept., speak out and try to inform an ignorant land exactly what’s wrong with America today.


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DVD: Black Dynamite
Blu-ray: Black Dynamite

Nobody sticks it to the man like Black Dynamite. He’s a bad mutha. The baddest, and yet he’s a righteous cat doin’ it for the kids. Can you dig it?

Black Dynamite could be the greatest Blaxploitation movie. It’s hilarious start to finish, and it parodies every Blaxploitation quirk you can name. But it’s so much more.

The CIA / drugs connection is at the heart of the movie. It’s the story. Although it’s outrageously twisted into other realms, the distrust of the CIA, the federal government and the white house is front and center. The politicians are of course in bed with the gangsters, the drug dealers.

I’m hoping for a Black Dynamite 2: Shorter Fuse / Longer Stick.