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Highly disturbing:

This is alarming on many levels, and the principles involved go far beyond my individual lawsuit. Every writer who sells film rights to Hollywood must now contend with the possibility that the studio they signed the contract with could be swallowed up by a larger company — and that parent company can then make a movie based on your book without compensating you. It means Hollywood contracts are worthless.

Gravity (2013)

Posted: April 1, 2014 in Joe Giambrone
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Appropriate special effects can’t raise the weak characterization any higher. Sorry, Sandra, this was a decent distraction from regular life, but in the end that’s all it seemed to be.

Gravity follows an astronaut through some travails in an attempt to survive fubar in space. It’s all about making the odds of success very remote. It’s all about plot essentially, putting obstacles in the way. That’s the weakness. It failed to include any real conflict of ideas.


The one questionable idea that incites the whole thing is that Russia would just out of the blue blow up one of its satellites, leaving a dangerous debris field for the others. Has this ever happened in real life? Was this just a good chance to throw in some more anti-Russian propaganda?

That is what starts the process of blowing up everything in sight. Given that this could happen, we then have some questionable coincidences. It isn’t just one coincidence either, but three, four, five six?


The debris field hits the space shuttle, sending Sandra and Clooney into the black. This same debris field will come back around the earth and pinpoint the exact same spot again, wherever Sandra happens to be, not once more but twice! It’s like space is really, really small.

That’s not the only coincidence, as you’ll likely see.

It’s a short feature, not as ambitious as may have been implied. The story is simple, contrived, and lacking gravitas, no pun intended.



Indiegogo project to develop a wonderful cheap light source for poor countries.  Works on gravity with a hanging weight.  They are halfway there.