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600 Ex-Federal Prosecutors (and Counting) Say Being President Is The Only Thing That Saved Trump



#Trump Busted for #Perjury?

I’ve counted The Donald out once before when he bragged about grabbing pussies. Turned out that American right-wingers don’t mind their women being treated like slabs of meat. Who knew?

President Trump Directed His Attorney Michael Cohen To Lie To Congress About The Moscow Tower Project


Don’t Thank Me for My Service


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More accurate headline:

Trump betrays America Again, CIA Killed Kennedy


Trump blocks release of some JFK assassination records

Israeli Guilt?

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105 Israeli ex-generals, spy chiefs call on Netanyahu to make peace with Palestinians

“We’re on a steep slope toward an increasingly polarized society and moral decline, due to the need to keep millions of people under occupation on claims that are presented as security-related,” reserve Major General Eyal Ben-Reuven told the channel.

“I have no doubt that the prime minister seeks Israel’s welfare, but I think he suffers from some sort of political blindness that drives him to scare himself and us,” he added, Haaretz reported.




My whole life I’ve studied war, what it is, whose interests it serves, the mountains of corpses, the machinations of empire.  As USMC General Smedley Butler put it: “War is a racket.”

This is not secret information.

This is not hard to locate.  The realities of war are well-covered territory, skewed and biased as much of the reporting is.  But lies and propaganda are also well studied, mentioned, talked about, written about, even explored in documentaries and discussed on television.

Yet, infinitely repeating is this story, the young ignorant soldier who goes off for God knows why and becomes a murderous monster in the imperial machine.   Perhaps he could have studied the issue before signing on the dotted line?  Perhaps the time to investigate what’s going on is before you agree to become a willing murderer for the state?

How high of a moral bar is that for people to simply educate themselves and learn a few things about the world before participating in its destruction and carnage?  

Anyway, this song is making the viral rounds, 20 million hits.  Enjoy.


Here’s something else to learn about.

Charter of the United Nations
…All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations.



The World of Hidden Emotions

Masking emotions and the study of emotional language, by Thomas Scheff.

UN Chemical Weapons Claims

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A UN mission that explicitly denied assigning blame for the Aug. 21 gas attack is being used to insinuate that it must be the Syrian government.  This is easier when the UN refuses to acknowledge its own evidence that the rebels have used sarin gas in the past.  The usual suspects used this setup to again falsely claim that the rebels have never used or possessed sarin gas.

Even Turkish prosecutors admit that Al Nusra rebels were seeking to obtain sarin, even as the “2kg.” sarin evidence that was seized during the arrest has somehow disappeared.

The UN is not an impartial body.  The March sarin attack wasn’t investigated at all, except by Russia, who determined the homemade rocket was most likely a rebel contraption.

When the April UN mission came to the politically wrong conclusion, that it was the rebels using gas — according to numerous victim eyewitnesses — these victim testimonies were covered up.  The blame for the attack was not assigned then either, despite a clear guilt evidenced.

This time, however, it’s not cover-up but insinuation that’s ruling the next news day.

U.N. Implicates Syria in Using Chemical Arms

While the report’s authors did not assign blame for the attack on the outskirts of Damascus, the details it documented included the large size and particular shape of the munitions and the precise direction from which two of them had been fired.

… While the report’s authors did not assign blame for the attack on the outskirts of Damascus

… Mr. Ban declined to ascribe blame, saying that responsibility was up to others,

Others like the NY Times.




Surrealism in pseudo-documentary about mass murdering war criminals re-enatcing their mass murders.  This is so disturbing that I’m not sure if I’m ready to watch the film in its entirety.



“These guys are obviously bad guys.”

This henchman of US executions was essentially judge, jury and executioner determining who is a “bad guy” from thousands of feet above.

“I’d become heartless.”

“Not necessarily.  I just felt like a sociopath, actually.”

“I wanted to kill these people.”

“It was 1626 total people killed on every mission that I’ve ever been on.”



“If you go to mental health, you’re gonna get charged with malingering.” -Iraq veteran Ethan McCord


“One veteran suicide every 65 minutes now.”-Abby Martin





This is pretty good after the initial cacophony of soundtracks in the first couple minutes.  Article.