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Trump administration facing lawsuit for allowing fracking companies to dump waste in Gulf of Mexico


It comes just months after the Environmental Protection Agency finalised a Clean Water Act allowing oil companies to offload unlimited amounts of waste into ocean basin


Deepwater Horizon oil spill contributed to high number of Gulf dolphin deaths


Destroyed an area of sea floor “bigger than the state of Connecticut.”

BP stooge:

“Extensive sampling and rigorous chemical analysis has shown that the only significant concentrations of Macondo oil that were found in sediments in the offshore environment were found in the vicinity of the wellhead,”


As for BP’s claim that oil stayed near the well, that has “been fairly well dismissed,” he adds. Last year, a team published evidence that a “plume” of hydrocarbons from the Macondo well contaminated about 1,200 square miles (3,200 square kilometers) of ocean floor.



BP Pays PR Trolls to Threaten Online Critics | Interview with Dahr Jamail

Greg Palast for BP’s offshore blowout in the Caspian Sea was hidden from Congressional committee, and BP should be looked at with criminal charges in mind.

Petition about offshore drilling oversight