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The story started off weakly.  Essentially we get the true meaning of the term flyover states.  The world lacks the charm, plot and urgency of a Coen brothers slice of Americana.  It seemed all thought out and planned but lacking spontaneity.

Nebraska does, however, pick up about midway through.  This is a grim story, a painful story about the sum of a life and the small, petty lives of average mid-western people.  I’m not sure what to make of it really, and I probably should have seen it in a theater rather than at home on DVD.  It has a big, wide black and white environment and convincing enough performances.  A few miscues with the lighting particularly brought it down a couple of notches in my scale, but overall it was shot well.

I may revisit it someday in the future and try and see what critics have been gushing over.  Perhaps so few serious American films get made at all that their standards tend to accommodate.  Or maybe any film full of elderly actors receives instant award season credibility.

My vote is 3/5, with the possibility of revising upward.


Science of Happiness :)

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10 Easy Things That Will Make You Happier, Backed By Science


This looks  to be  a very ambitious documentary that seeks to change the world.  It calls out the waste inherent in the globalized system, the unnecessary transporting of goods all over the world, and the drive for a more localized economy.

More info and videos at the official website.