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There’s a new King of Irony

I haven’t been proven correct so quickly and so unequivocally.

This was in response to 61% of Americans allegedly approving of Trump’s coronovirus response.

“Hate speech” is the new verboten. That and “spam.” These mean essentially whatever they claim. It doesn’t have to make sense.








YouTube Pulls ‘Triumph of the Will’ For Violating New Hate Speech Policy


Be sure to follow up with Propaganda in the Cinema.


Maher continues to defame/slander the entire Muslim religion. Has a sidekick.


Glenn Beck calls for celebrating Ramadan by shooting all Guantanamo prisoners in the head


Taking Facebook to Task

May 21, 2013 by Michele Kort

A new campaign seeks to force Facebook to censor “sexist” content, and the examples used are easy to understand.


Censorship is usually the knee-jerk, easy response to troubling issues.  That is why it is a bad idea.  What are the other options?

My Response to this call for censorship of Facebook:

“There’s a better way to confront them. They expose who they are, their identities, by doing this. Shouldn’t the people making the threats be held personally accountable, rather than punishing the medium (Facebook)?

A better approach would be to get their own statements to backfire on them in their personal lives. By silencing it, and making them curtail their conversations to private places, you lose your knowledge of them and their activities. Worse still you make topics like rape and abuse verboten and prohibited on Facebook. That is always the end result of censorship and selective “moderation.” Films and fiction that deal with topcs like this will be off-limits on the new, “politically correct” Facebook, that you yourselves are pushing for. This is not a simple issue, despite the glaring examples that can be cherry picked. Censorship always brings unintended consequences and a slippery slope.”






The Everyday sexism Project is also involved with the censorship drive.  Their own website is pretty good reading for anecdotes.   Would its content be censored on the new Facebook they are pushing for?




  1.  “Bacile” is not Israeli, but only pretended to be for the purpose of soliciting production funds.
  2.  The actors claim they didn’t know what the project was, and that the offensive lines were dubbed in later — really?

Number 2 is particularly interesting, as being ignorant of your art, its purpose and ultimate meaning may get you killed. Also I’m not sure if I believe the actors.

More on this story, and an argument for clamping down on “hate speech” is presented here. That said, I vehemently disagree about this bogus category of “hate speech,” and find such laws patently unconstitutional. What part of “… or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press … “ is ambiguous?

Such laws are used selectively against targeted defendants and tellingly NOT used against others who utter the same types of speech, decided on ideological grounds and on the sole discretion of prosecutors. That is a miscarriage of justice and quite frankly a sham.

The trailer and a good article on this insanity is linked through here. I did not post the trailer here directly for obvious reasons.