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Hollywood: Propaganda for White Supremacy at Home and US Militarism Abroad

White terrorism founded America, built the nation through slavery, and continues to be the nation’s largest domestic terrorist threat. From Redface, to Blackface, to Yellowface, to Brownface, Hollywood’s long and torrid history of white supremacy through their depiction of other races as dangerous or inferior has been a pillar of American racism at home and an integral weapon for American militarism abroad.





Long Lost Footage Of Bernie Being Arrested At Civil Rights Protest In 1963 Silences His Critics (VIDEO)

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This is your army on LSD…



Censored from the history books…



Dali was quite the freak…

The Great Masturbatorthe great masturbator

I will definitely be seeing this.  More here.


1389.9 Holocaust A


And then there’s this…