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How Journalists Covered the Rise of Mussolini and Hitler

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It’s happening.

Trumpism’s Gleichschaltung?

Steven Bannon is to Donald Trump what Josef Goebbels was to Hitler. Writing this is not meant to be alarmist. Instead, it is written so we can understand his role. It is clear from his work with Breitbart and in his production of propaganda films for the far-right that Breitbart is a clever propagandist. Indeed, it seems likely that he has read and absorbed Goebbels’ admonitions and advice regarding the role of propaganda to the State. His appointment to the National Security Council is not appalling because it removes a couple of war criminals from positions they assumed were theirs by decree. It is appalling because it represents the rise of an American fascist to the inner circles of power. Not just the inner circles, but arguably a circle most fundamental in matters of life and death.




Ivana Trump: Donald had a book of Hitler’s speeches for light bedtime reading


Erdoğan an Open Hitlerite

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Obama / Erdoğan 


The story doesn’t end here, it should be beginning…

Erdoğan cites Hitler’s Germany as example of effective government


White House, Aug 2013:

“President Obama spoke by phone today from California with Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey, at the Prime Minister’s request, about developments in Syria and Egypt. The President and Prime Minister discussed the danger of foreign extremists in Syria and agreed on the importance of supporting a unified and inclusive Syrian opposition.

Obama agreed to support Al Qaeda in Syria. Turkey has led the effort on the ground. Obama should be impeached.

Turkey should be… bombed?


Civil Rights and the Militarization of Police: Lessons from the Gestapo, America’s Path to Tyranny