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Looks very interesting, exactly what we’re here for…


If there were any doubts about Jesse Eisenberg’s douchebag credentials, they are surely dispelled. The narcissistic imbecile loves to take the money from fans though, and it warms his heart that increased sales are part of the deal…

“It is like being screamed at by thousands of people,” Eisenberg said, according to the Associated Press. “I don’t know what the experience is throughout history, probably some kind of genocide. I can’t think of anything that’s equivalent.”

The man whore appreciates the marketing though. What a vapid, idiotic piece of shit.

Always hated that sniveling asshole…

“The movie was received well. That’s why we go,” Eisenberg told PEOPLE at the Monday premiere of his other new film, The End of the Tour.

“You get to leave relatively unscathed and it’s at least a year before you have to do anything like that again,” he added of Comic-Con.



Dennis Quaid, interrupted

Christian Bale, interrupted

(Bale for the win.)


Ted Flicker Under Surveillance

Problems began when the FBI got ahold of the screenplay. Robert Evans claims he was visited by FBI Special Agents who didn’t appreciate their unflattering and incompetent portrayal in the film. When Evans denied their request to cease production, they began conducting surveillance on the film’s set. Evans refused their demands, but increasing pressure led to extensive overdubs during the film’s post-production phase: the FBI became the FBR, and the CIA became the CEA. Even the Telephone Company got wind of their negative portrayal in the film, and Evans believed that his telephone had begun to be monitored by either the Bureau or the phone company. Evans’ paranoia would ironically mirror that of James Coburn’s character in the film’s storyline.



This just in…

An evening in Beverly Hills wouldn’t be complete without a few celebrity sightings. By attending the 24th Annual Death Penalty Focus (DPF) Awards Dinner on May 7 you will not only be supporting our efforts to end the death penalty, but you will also get to meet celebrities who share the same commitment to justice as you.

Hollywood often plays a significant role in bringing awareness of important social issues to the general public. Whether it’s TV shows and movies exploring our criminal justice system, or celebrities speaking out against injustice, Hollywood helps bring life and death issues into the public consciousness.

Death Row Stories, an 8-part CNN series produced by Jigsaw Productions and Sundance Productions, is a wonderful example of a show that explores the most serious questions about crime and punishment. Each episode profiles a different capital murder case, all of which raise concerns about capital punishment and the justice system in the United States.

I am honored that executive producers Alex Gibney, Brad Hebert and Laura Michalchyshyn will be representing Death Row Stories at our Awards Dinner to receive our Justice in the Media Award.

The DPF Awards Dinner attracts a lot of big time supporters who want to add their name, and where possible, their presence to the premier anti-death penalty event of the year. The list of dinner committee members this year includes Matt Damon, Russell Crowe,Alfre Woodard, Bryan Cranston, Bonnie Raitt, and Harry Belafonte. They are showing their support in the hope that you will join them in opposition to the death penalty. To see the entire list of dinner committee members click here.

Celebrities who have already confirmed their participation include DPF President Mike Farrell, Dinner Co-Chair Shelley Fabares, Master of Ceremonies John Fugelsang, and Award Presenter Amy Brenneman. Other distinguished honorees for the evening include Dale Baich, Assistant Federal Public Defender; the late Rabbi Leonard Beerman, founding DPF board member, and our special recognition recipients.

Seats are selling fast, so I hope you can reserve your place today. 

By attending our Annual Awards Dinner, you will directly contribute to our efforts to end the death penalty not only in California, but around the world. I hope you can join us.


Matt Cherry
Executive Director