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5 Lessons Learned from my Profitable Indie Documentary

The actual film looks like inconsequential fluff. Learn the distribution lessons.



Sex, gender, freedom and more sex in this documentary on Hulu…

Probably the best silent movie ever made, free right now on Hulu…

Charlie Chaplin, City Lights

Annex - Chaplin, Charlie (City Lights)_NRFPT_16



There are so many movies, but so few good ones, that I was happy to stumble upon Oscar Wilde’s tale of debauchery and Faustian bargains. For free on Hulu right now:

Colin Firth and Ben Barnes really breathe life into this classic tale. The production is raunchy enough to do Wilde proud, and a modern score pulses and warps the world. They could have gone even more exploitative but opted instead to retain a bit of class. It’s an interesting story, and it can be viewed from several angles.

In one sense Dorian is the ultimate English aristocrat, with power and wealth, and he exists above the law. With these perks his moral compass slides off into oblivion. Unrestrained by the rules that apply to most, the young and attractive lord becomes a Nietzschean superman. Inevitably his excesses lead to regrets and misery. Yet he soldiers on.

From another angle it’s a Frankenstein’s monster story, one of a social mentor and apprentice. Jolly good show.


John Pilger examines America’s war on the people of Latin America, the propping up of corrupt regimes and “American interests” as a justification for immoral foreign policy. Movie up at Hulu:


HULU has this little indie doc up.  Explores the history of subliminal messages.  Judas Priest on trial, Edward Bernays, Hitchcock and all sorts of wacky claims…

subliminal message sandwich


Hulu doc.

Pharmaceutical corporations now invent diseases and conditions for them to treat.  The market is in convincing people they have a disease that can be addressed by their pills.

“Extraordinary behind-the-scenes access reveals a drug company’s fevered race to develop the first FDA-approved Viagra for women – and offers a humorous but sobering look inside the cash-fueled pharmaceutical industry.”


Political Docs at Hulu

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More of a PSA, see here.

Heads Up

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Carlos is up on Hulu, for now.