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Alleged War Criminals Jay Bybee & John Yoo


Human Rights Watch Reports That US Government Tortured Children — Paul Craig Roberts


Does Kerry Think Al-Qaeda is a Human Rights Organization?

The problem relates to Alkarama, a self-described human rights organization whose reporting the State Department, Human Rights Watch, and Amnesty International have uncritically incorporated into their reporting.  The problem is that the founder of Alkarama, according to the U.S. Treasury Department, is also an al-Qaeda financier.

Not just Kerry, either: Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International use bogus information.



Already caught lying about who was behind the gas attacks in August, “Human Rights Watch” (sic) continues to push lies in order to get the West to attack Syria on bogus “humanitarian” grounds.  The Syrian war itself is primarily a product of the West’s covert support and the dirty work of its Arab partners: Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.  HRW has no problem with Western governments covertly supporting the atrocity heavy rebels and their fanatical Jihad to install Sharia Law in Syria.  Such covert support to terrorists and other rebels is technically a breach of the UN Charter, using war as a tool of foreign policy, and should be cause for sanction in the Security Council.  Human Rights Watch (sic), a Washington based NGO, has no interest in calling attention to the West’s culpability and criminal actions in this or any other conflict.  It is a fraud.

Syria: ‘Human Rights Watch’, Key Player in the Manufacture of Propaganda for War and Foreign Intervention




That bastion of truth, the flagship of the Western empire, the New York Fucking Times, has had to admit that it defrauded the public again trying to drum up a war in Syria this past fall.

NYT Backs Off Its Syria-Sarin Analysis

But the Times’ analysis ultimately fell apart amid a consensus among missile experts that the rockets would have had a maximum range of only around three kilometers when the supposed launch site is about 9.5 kilometers from the impact zones in Moadamiya and Zamalka/Ein Tarma, east of Damascus.

Other co-conspirators to mislead the public and initiate an illegal war of aggression include Human Rights Watch, the Obama Administration and other hawkish pseudo-analysts such as “Brown Moses,” whose similar findings were elevated across the presstitute media.


Refusing to show the actual photographic evidence, the BBC goes into propaganda overdrive to insinuate that none of it can possibly be credible.

The actual photographs / videos tell the whole story.  That’s what’s missing of course at Washington’s British PR wing.


In fact BBC itself “doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.”

Do they show the specific images that are the focus of the controversy?

Of course not.  They bring in the FUCKING OPINIONS of shills to discredit Mother Agnes’ work without a shred of evidence on their side.

I already posted this two weeks ago.  Here it is again:

Mother Agnes Mariam is mother superior of St. James Monastery in Qara, Syria.
Her group’s analysis of the alleged video evidence of the chemical weapons attack of August 21st shows discrepancies that are hard to grasp:

  1.  The bodies of children appear in different locations, and must have been moved around and staged.
  2.  Bodies of adults also appear in different locations, in different parts of the city.
  3. The neighborhood of Ghouta was abandoned by residents because of ongoing battles between insurgents and the army.  Thus, the residents weren’t living at the location of the attack.
  4. Other propaganda posted by the rebel insurgents actually shows a Cairo, Egypt attack, but is claimed to be a chemical weapons attack in Syria.

Other inconsistencies are documented in a 50 page report from  International Support Team for Mussahala in Syria (ISTEAMS), an organization founded by mother superior Agnes Mariam.




As ridiculous and psychopathic, and stupid as these Al Nusra terrorists are, they were also caught using images from the Egyptian uprising as propaganda:

From Globalresearch.



HRW has consistently been exposed, over the decades, as a thinly-veiled front for US imperial foreign policy.  This year is no different.


The Syria Chemical Weapons Attack: Human Rights Watch is Manipulating the Facts

The big fix is most definitely in.  When the interests all align — Arabs, Israelis, America, Europe — watch out.  There won’t be any truth out of US sources, not for a long, long time.


Human Rights Watch (HRW) continues its decades long pattern of bias and selective outrage. Ignoring the right wing paramilitary death squads of Colombia next door, it has the audacity to proclaim Venezuela “the most abusive” nation in all of Latin America. This in response to the Chavez government essentially taking away the broadcast license of a hostile TV station that helped and participated in a coup d’tat against him — more commonly known as treason. The Venezuelans of course went on to create a number of new media outlets available to the common people so that they would have a voice to be heard for the first time.

The Bias of Human Rights Watch

HRW has a longstanding trail of not seeing the crimes of the usual suspects while vilifying the official enemeis of the empire.

“Far from helping an embattled nation, NGOs operating in Syria are being accused of helping the push towards military intervention. Some are peddling unverified reports to deliberately encourage foreign action. The agencies hold sway with groups like NATO, which has weighed in on their findings before – with deadly consequences. RT’s Marina Portnaya has more.”

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