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WOW. This fake “progressive” group has absolutely nothing to say about the Donna Brazile admissions that Hillary Clinton STOLE–FUCKING STOLE–the 2016 primary nomination from Bernie Sanders! Bernie Sanders can be considered a real “progressive,” while HIllary R. Clinton is a neoliberal warmonger and war criminal. Just the other day some ignorant denizens here were poo-pooing the idea that Shillary stole the nomination. Today, Brazile confirms it in no uncertain terms.

And the crickets chirp!


That’s the sound of hypocrisy. The sound of unethical groupthink and willful ignorance. God, I hope with every fiber of my being that John Podesta is hauled out in handcuffs in the Mueller roundup…

Americans think…

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…accepting a few refugees makes up for destroying entire regions.

And that they don’t have to keep their own leaders accountable no matter what they do, nor how many they kill. It doesn’t matter if Obama and his CIA burned Syria to the ground, as long as we look like we care.

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Meme Wars

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How you vote defines who you are and what you stand for.

There’s a reason Hillary Clinton’s tagline is “I’m with her.”

I am most certainly NOT.


Joss Whedon: Suck it.


This fucking country…

69-year-old Vietnam vet with throat cancer freezes to death after company shuts off his gas