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600 Ex-Federal Prosecutors (and Counting) Say Being President Is The Only Thing That Saved Trump



 Possible to Prosecute War as a Crime



Is “True Pundit” reliable? We shall find out…

FBI: Awans Finalizing Immunity Deals with DOJ in Exchange For Testimony on Members of Congress

The focus of the federal probe has shifted from the bank fraud allegations against the Pakistani couple to classified intelligence breaches in Congress, FBI sources confirm.


Unaccountable Immune Mercenary Monsters

This film tells the true story of an American corporate military contractor that was caught trafficking slaves in Bosnia during the UNs occupation.  The scandal was huge, involving many different nationals and organizations, a natural outgrowth of imperial war.

Kathryn Bolkovac was an American cop who took a job there in 1999 to make extra money, but she refused to back down or look away when confronted by the real War Incorporated, which was protected by both the UN and the US State Department.  The real company, of course, was DYNCORP.  This malignant cancer on the ass of the world is still gorging itself at the pentagon trough.  Iimmunity and impunity for America’s hired thugs is standard policy wherever the US goes, including Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Kathryn Bolkovac (Rachel Weisz) runs up against the corporate/governmental rape culture after learning about all the desperate girls that have been trafficked across the border into Bosnia.  There is little she can do, although she is promoted by a female guardian angel higher up in the UN.  The strict operational parameters and endless paperwork imposed make for an easy environment for mafia and police corruption.  Those committing crimes against the civilians face little oversight, whereas those trying to stop the crimes face the entire satanic military-industrial protection racket complex.


As General Smedley Butler told us 75 years ago, “War is a racket.”  In this case that comes through crystal clear and implicates people from top to bottom.

After Bolkovac informs the top UN officials, she is immediately fired by DynCorp, her ID taken away, already amidst a climate of terrorism and high risk.  Trying to save the imprisoned girls proves nearly impossible up against the most powerful actors on the world stage: the United States, the UN, and the blessed mercenary corporations acting in unison to cover up whatever they don’t want known.

This tense, gripping drama really brings into relief what the US foreign policy looks like on the ground.  How America and other powerful states get away with everything they publicly denounce is a wake-up call Americans need to receive.

DynCorp cracks top 20 with $3B in prime contracts

At the same time, it is maintaining critical U.S. aircraft fleets, running counter-drug operations in Colombia, training law enforcement agents and shuttling dignitaries throughout Iraq, and maintaining military bases and working with police and Ministry of the Interior personnel in Afghanistan.

The company’s success helped it reach the No. 12 spot on the 2011 Top 100 with $3 billion in prime contracts.”

Rape, Murder, Slavery … The American Corporate Way ™


Interview: Kathryn Bolkovac

Black Water: Extension of CIA

Unaccountable mercenary war criminals Blackwater work for unaccountable war criminals Central Intelligence Agency, court records show. Murder & mayhem perfectly okay, and accountability will not be seen in your lifetime. Move along, chattel.