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In a World (2013)

Posted: January 27, 2014 in Joe Giambrone
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This is an enjoyable comedy about sexism in Hollywood.  Lake Bell meanders into the voiceover competition for a big epic extravaganza trailer.  Her father, representative of the entrenched white male privilege and status quo, becomes her main obstacle in the auditions.

The lighthearted sorta romantic tale has a few good laughs and satire.  The Hollywoodisms are silly enough and relevant enough to make the points in a poking the 800 lb. gorilla kind of way.

A dig at fluffy high pitched squeaky women highlights how many aren’t taken seriously due to simple presentation issues.  The culture encourages boys to be men and girls to be girls.  This is taken head-on, and becomes part of the film’s climax.

3.5 / 5



Okay, Indiewire calls it a “hilarious, sincere and boldly feminist comedy.”

And the trailer looks promising.

I don’t always trust Indiewire anymore, having been burned too many times.  But this reviewer, Beth Hanna, doesn’t ring any bells.  Yeah I’ll probably go see it.

Indiewire’s praises for Holy Motors and Spring Breakers, for example, were misleading.  Both films were poorly done, and Holy Motors seems to have contempt for the brains of its viewers.  It’s fundamentally against making any sort of sense.   Is that supposed to be a good thing now?

Anyway, here’s the trailer for In a World.